any high level people

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User Info: Orasion_Seiz

4 years ago#11
My main pawn is not that high but you can check him out if you want.

PSN: aki_mikage2011
Name: Lezard/Lvl126/Sorcerer
The strong shall live, the weak shall perish. Survival of the fittest. - Shishio Makoto

User Info: Asgard

4 years ago#12
I have a level 200 Mage if you are interested.

PSN: Manfrinjinsindin
Pawn: Iristrielle
PSN: Manfrinjinsindin, Pawn: Iristrielle - Mage 200 -
Alt PSN: Asgard216, Pawn: Brandt - Ranger 90 -

User Info: ViperishPigeon

4 years ago#13
You can add me
Psn, Xbox Live, and Steam: ViperishPigeon

User Info: GreenSkadi

4 years ago#14
Feel free to add me, all Info is in my Sig. :)

And we have quite a big number of high level pawns in the Sharing Club, check out the list, nearly all of them will accept a FR.
PSN: GreenSkadi
Pawn: Ari, Level 200 Sorceress, Scather/Challenger

User Info: lezardthewizard

4 years ago#15
add me :) my pawn its lvl 200 tank sorceror (but i change vocations sometimes)
ID: Hitokiri33
PWN: Freya
ID: hitokiri33 - pawn: Freya Sorceror lvl 200

User Info: KenKoerperich

4 years ago#16
Kavin D'Korz 183 n climbing...will be 200 in a few hours after a few more Offline Urs...

Siggy has info...
KennyKoerperich{Scather/Utili-ElvinRanger-Kavin D'Korz-Lv180}
Help her get those 3rd*'s for Bestiary Please, as she wants off Gransys Most Wanted!
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