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3 years ago#31
nhankins7 posted...
Got him. The one I killed had 8 hearts - 3 on right foreleg, 1 on left fore paw, 1 on each side, 1 on left hind leg, and 1 on his back.

Same here...and got him.
3 years ago#32
Got him. I think there were maybe 12 hearts on my Ur - all over his forelegs and hindlegs plus a few on his neck, back, and side. Still squishy though, so it was no problem for my 258 MAG Sorcerer.
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3 years ago#33
Got him, I also got the one with about 12 hearts.
3 years ago#34
ty joelaxie 4 the initial GP call.
I almost miss gen 191 (fell asleep) but i got him on the 3 acc.
fought 2 12 harted (chest, neck, both ribs, 2 on each front leg and 2 on his back legs) and one w/10 (same as before but one side and chest gone) :)
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3 years ago#35
Good thing I took the precaution of setting my alarm...
...for 2:00am >.<
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3 years ago#36
got him
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3 years ago#37
D*****!!! Should have just stayed up!
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3 years ago#38
I got him, but it was so close that when I left after defeating him, and not having enough carry capacity I returned to the inn (Cassardis) and when I returned the new gen greeted me.

Only lost a couple wake stones, so no biggie heh.
3 years ago#39
Really.... REALLY? I'm never going to get one of these guys if GP is going to be in the middle of the fraking night all the freaking time.
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