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3 years ago#81
sephiroth1491 posted...
Oh god, is GP done yet? I just got home and see this. >_<


nhankins7 posted...
crimsonhawk47 posted...
Can't you just switch to mystic knight? Or is there something I'm missing here? Send it home with their pawn?

Referring to trading a totem mace? Pawns can't equip maces, magic shields, or magic bows, so those types of equipment cannot be transferred.

They need to equip it for you to send it home?
3 years ago#82
^ Yes, you transfer gear by equipping it on someone's pawn (and then releasing them and resting). If the pawn can't equip the gear, you can't send it.
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3 years ago#83
@Crimsonhawk CONGRATS on your first OL Ur kill!! (I danced all over the place when I first downed him and ran straight to vainly look at my name on that dam tablet ;)

@Acasser ....I`m sure u can tell from my posts...my filter is,indeed, rather um.....shall we say....full of holes. Meap <.>

@Oldschool.... :P
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3 years ago#84
lilgreekgirl7 posted...
Pheww ...that was close!! Got him...ladies night again :P I got the same version as Kara :D

Jayyoungs .....I can send that mace...I have 3 !! And...apparently our gift packages git mixed up cause I just got another. 5 Hearts...gut, left side, two on right rear leg, one on left rear leg.

*skips out of chamber* :D

Haha I got all happy when i saw that you'd send me one then I remembered pawns can't equip hybrid weapons... Damn it Capcom whyyy??? Lol but thankyou for offering to help me out though its much appreciated :) I hope that dark arisen has an enemy that functions like the online Ur dragon(possibly death?) and we get sweet rewards when it's destroyed :D
PSN: jayyoungs1990
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3 years ago#85
ACasser posted...
lilgreekgirl7 posted...
Jayyoungs .....I can send that mace...I have 3 !!

No, you can't. =) It's for Mystic Knights only.

But I'm sure Jay is flattered by the thought.

Haha yea I am it was very kind :)
PSN: jayyoungs1990
Pawn: Airia Level 182 Sorceress
3 years ago#86
Oldschooluk posted...
@lilgreekgirl glad you "woke up" in time to make this one :) and stop teasing jayyoung - poor guys been after the mace for so long...hehehe

I think Ur knows that I'm after the mace so he keeps sending me offline weapons in it's place to tick me off :( Lol he just hates me
PSN: jayyoungs1990
Pawn: Airia Level 182 Sorceress
3 years ago#87
Hmmm, missed another one...darn life stuff getting in the way! Maybe 211..,.
When a man is wrong and won't admit it, he always gets angry.---Thomas Haliburton.
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