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User Info: CheetahSmith

3 years ago#91
lilgreekgirl7 posted...
Well I'm a lil depressed girl :( I too got the nine heart version and didn't get the kill....should have done like Doll and used invisibility so I wouldn't keep dropping off but, like the dummy I am, I forgot about that option.... *pounds head against wall repeatedly* I got him down to one almost done heart the last run and I just HAD to pull out my sword and shield cause I just HAD to dragonforge them and....yeah...he *poof* flew away and the new and improved shortened GP was over :( I really wanted to get the stupid Siegfried amask (I, also in a very stupid moment- I have many of these u see- gave my only one away thinking I had two...bleh :p) this is the first kill I've missed (when I havent missed GP of course) since I got my first kill....LAME :( :( :( I'm triple sad....I am a failed Ur hunter. guess I'll go slay the offline version to vent and get the unfortunate pawns I dragged to this very sad battle some actual RC...see y'all next Gen.

PS Happy Birthday Esusyu :D (I can spare a smile for you friend) okay....now back to being grumpy :(

I can share your frustration. I normally go in with the gear I want to DF already on, so instead of my optimal gear, I had a slightly weaker ensemble. That, and I really needed a Maker's Finger and forgot to babysit Fournival's kid before doing some Ur-Hunting this evening. Oh well.

And thanks. :D It was a good one. :D
PSN: Esusyu * Alt: Esusyu 2
WKC 2: Cheetah * Dragon's Dogma Pawn: Asha (Lvl 200 Sorcerer) * Alt Pawn: Devi (50< Ranger)

User Info: ACasser

3 years ago#92
lilgreekgirl7 posted...
Oh yes...and did I mention all I got for my troubles was GOLD!?! WTF...like I need more GOLD!!! GRRRRRR

I have Tristan in support now. It makes him look ridiculous, but I've thrown a Siegfried Mask on him to take home to you.

User Info: lilgreekgirl7

3 years ago#93
^^ I'm ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN it does :D That is soo very nice of u Acasser ....very thoughtful indeed - thanx a TON.
PSN: lilgreekgirl: Tristan/ lvl 200 / Warrior
Alt PSN: lilgreekgirl7 / Charisma/ Ranger / lvl < 50
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