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3 years ago#11
Ha it is cool to still see some familiar names in Pawn Sharing Club, can't wait for Dark Arisen!!
Far gone in Deep Space Ignition.
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3 years ago#12
Rowde posted...
Jules_McGrules posted...
MHNetio posted...
You're a disgrace to GameFAQs.

Where's all this hate coming from?

psst... it's tongue in cheek... I know you've been reading the "other" thread too.

Ah. Clever bastards. I got got again!
3 years ago#13
Released Horo and Alazaar and picked up Diomedes and Calista for some movement forward in the story.

Alazaar was an awesomely aggressive Warrior against the UR Dragon. My Arisen MK was on his back between the wings working on a heart when Alazaar shows up on his back and starts working on the other heart...that's teamwork!
When a man is wrong and won't admit it, he always gets angry.---Thomas Haliburton.
3 years ago#14
Big thanks to soulinsanity for 160 k RC. Now I'm just 50 k short of the 1 mil mark. Hopefully i will get there soon. I'm excited and both saddened by the release in Tuesday. I want to get the game but can't due to a test that I have to take the next Tuesday. I promised myself I would study diligently for the test and figured that having the game in my possession would hinder and possibly affect my score drastically. So I will be a week late on the purchase of DA. I will make it back for the club with renewed vigour and stamina hopefully some real life liquid vins will come in handy (monster energy). :).
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3 years ago#15
Whoa! Lots of new members.. O_O Hello!

Just wanted to stop by to give my thanks to Rakarth for the 25k RC ferrystone, and 5* all topped with a lovely comment!! I also still have that Melekaliki song stuck in my head... it's all I think about when I go to bed now... What have you done to me?!! D:

Also! I've been a bit busy with schoolwork the past couple days, but I'll be jumping back soon. I think I'll have Kuro turn back to sorc to boost up his mag def. He's still a bit squishy when it comes to getting blasted in the face, so... be prepared to see him in a dress!! Oh, err, I mean robe. o 3 o;

Well, for the USA at least. Hehe..
PSN: Mewfeuille
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3 years ago#16
Rowde posted...
MHNetio posted...
You're a disgrace to GameFAQs.

LoL... I just posted propaganda about this development in the "other" thread too.

To rob someone of a 500 closing post is unfathomable. I'm quite speechless. Well not really actually I'm quite a wordy fellow. I talktalktalk more often than what people really think I should.

Which is why I am shocked and disgusted at what has taken place here. The calamity! The woeful tidings! The injustice!

Already she is being too bossy for my liking. I quit this group. YOU HEAR ME, I QUIT.
3 years ago#17
thanks to

Flamesinger for 67K RC Heavens key, ferry stone, 5* and comment!
Rocky Terrain for 100K RC pertrifactor, 5* and comment!
PSN: soulinsanity
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3 years ago#18
In response to karathrax and littlegreekgirl I'm only at 200,000 fish r.c. last I checked if you want to take lily on a r.c. run

Also thank you to anyone who rented lily over the weekend...I have been busy with work but as I said in the other thread I'll be taking on grigory sometime tomorrow evening with a couple pawns from here
if there is no flame war in your topic then it was ignored
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3 years ago#19
@Gaia ....ohmygosh my sides hurt. Zane's voice is HILARIOUS !! This great big hulk of a dude squeaking like q chipmunk....and he never shuts up!! I'm beside myself atm :D
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3 years ago#20
Ok, time to hunt down some items.... Where can I find a Dragonblood ring, Dragonroar, and that other one.... the name escapes me but I think it had bandit in it's name.
PSN: Vande0990
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