Ur Dragon Gen 221

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When you enter the Chamber of Lament, you will see an "accessing server" message, during which a copy of the online Ur dragon will be downloaded. Kill the 3 enemy pawns to summon the Ur dragon into the arena. The Ur dragon will come with hp (and weak spots status) representative of his global health, but at any time players may be greeted with Ur dragon of varying hp. Do not be alarmed if you see an Ur dragon with hp different from what others are reporting - he is not healing himself. Look at the mean for its general health rather than individual hp values.

You will then battle him for 8 minutes, after which he will fly away and you will see another "accessing server" message, during which the damages you did will be uploaded to the server for consolidation into the global health.

Over time, as players contribute their effort towards the common goal, the Ur dragon's global health will decline. Eventually, when the Ur dragon is killed by anyone, we go into grace period. If you enter the Chamber of Lament during grace period, you will have a chance to land your own killing blow to gain good rewards (loots, and he will dragon forge every item you equipped).

Health Notation

The numbers you see posted in this thread are health updates. To give an update, just count the number of purple dots remaining on Ur's health, and add a decimal approximation of the current health bar. So, two dots and half a bar would be a 2.5. Ur starts at ten dots and a full bar, which equates to 10.99 or 11.0.

Important - always report what the health is at the beginning of a round, not what the health is at the end of a round.

General advice for getting a kill during GP

1. Use Bloodlust, and fight at night.

2. Use Autonomy, and fight solo. This is not always necessary, but highly recommended for lower level players.

3. Use all other strength/magic boosting augments at your disposal – Clout, Vehemence, Acuity, Attunement, etc.

4. Use stacked periapts. Bring at minimum 32 Conqueror’s and/or 32 Demon’s Periapts – Conqueror’s for strength, Demon’s for magic. Use 4 (of each) at a time, and reapply when they wear off.

5. If you are a bow wielding vocation, bring a Maker’s Finger. If you can get Ur down to only one heart, you can MF the last heart to kill him. Don’t miss, you only get one shot.

6. Ur Dragon is weak to holy damage. Exploit this weakness.

7. During GP, you will have to destroy all active hearts in one round to get a kill.

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Having a hard time killing Ur Dragon during Grace Period? Check this thread about stacking periapts!!



The infinite supply trick:

• Just before you enter the Chamber of Lament, save your game. Then proceed to fight the Ur Dragon for 8 minutes. When the 8-minute round is over, wait for the "accessing server" message so the damage that you dealt to the Ur Dragon will be uploaded to the server. When it is done, use Godsbane to reload your last save. And there you go!! Infinite supplies!!


• Contribution rewards are dependent on your saved file after you fight the Ur-Dragon. So since you did not save after fighting him, your contribution rewards (in case you missed killing him during Grace Period) will be forfeited. If you don't care about getting petty rewards and you are sure to catch him during GP, then by all means, use this trick and fight him with infinite number of supplies!!


Strategies in fighting the Ur Dragon using different Vocations:




Ur Dragon is healing??

Capcom confirmed that HE DOES NOT HEAL. There is a generally accepted theory that there are at least 4 versions of the Ur Dragon on different servers, each with their own health points, thus the varying amounts of HP when you enter the Chamber of Lament. When one of these versions dies, all 4 servers will synch and we will have Grace Period. There are instances when there is a big difference between the health points of different versions, so as to prevent the players from concentrating on the Ur with the lowest HP, the server will redistribute Ur's health.

I am not doing any damage!!

You are doing damage. It's just that Online Ur has a tremendous amount of HP and it takes a lot of players around the world to bring his HP down to zero, thus activating Grace Period. Also be sure to observe the blood that is coming out from Ur when you attack him. Purple Blood = damage, Grey Blood = no damage. Try to hit the glowing spots so you will draw purple blood.

How to prevent Ur from roosting?

Going to the West side of the chamber helps prevent the Ur-Dragon from roosting above the tower; while going onto the ledges on the East side of the chamber will often encourage roosting. Ur should be unable to roost once all 4 wing hearts are destroyed.

How to properly use the Maker's Finger:

The Maker's Finger is a special arrow that will instantly kill almost every enemy in the game. As for Ur, while it will not kill him instantly, it will deal massive damage to his HP. But you can only damage him if you hit a glowing spot or an intact heart. If you hit him on a dead heart, this will not do any damage.

You can only hold 1 Maker's Finger at a time. After you use it, Fournival will automatically restock another Maker's Finger. Don't forge it! A forgery will never work!!

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Went in to check my ranking and found 10.6.

Often I find that when a new gen arrives, his HP can be low as 10.0 temporarily, but it gets normalised after a few minutes to become 10.9999 again. This doesn't seem to be the case as quite a long time has passed and I got the same one on all my accounts. Could there be so many people fighting it now or something to do with DA, or just the normal glitch that will get normalised soon?

On a side note, I just achieved a milestone -- now all my 3 accounts are in the top 100 hunter list :) Good way to welcome DA. (In case anyone is wondering, you need 51 kills to get into top 100, and that number keeps increasing.)
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10.7 with Maker's Finger
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I'm curious, how much damage are you guys actually doing to him in the 8 minutes you fight him? I would like to compare to see how well I am doing.
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My first update from Dark Arisen. I imagine it's gonna be a pain leaving the new area of the game to get health updates. Although, I guess I could switch to my vanilla DD save to get updates, but that isn't much fun either.

Slightly nervous about how GP will be from the DArk side. My combined str and magic went from about 4800 to 3400. Might have to start using both types of periapts.

zowbaid89 posted...
I'm curious, how much damage are you guys actually doing to him in the 8 minutes you fight him? I would like to compare to see how well I am doing.

Kinda depends on how tankish the dragon is, and the setup you use. Maybe 0.10 - I don't pay a lot of attention to it really.
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I will probably start DA soon, import one account and see how it goes. Slightly nervous as all my characters' backpack inventory are for Ur hunting, not generic adventuring. Inventory management may get troublesome, especially if I have to leave BBI in a hurry to get to Lament, may not have time to replenish inventory first. Also a bit nervous that I may accidentally launch DA on my DD accounts while swapping accounts during GP.

I forgot, do you use autonomy? Would like to know how big a difference the nerfing (of everything) makes, especially when you are still new to DA and do not have any of the better items/skills yet.
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Exhilaration 35% (down from 50%)
Bloodlust 20% (down from 70%)
Autonomy 20% (down from 70%)