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3 years ago#71
nhankins7 posted...
lol, poor old Ur is still at 5.1. He's on pace to smash the longevity records for a Gen. Wonder what next Gen is gonna be like? Ultra squishy perhaps?

Its looking like it. When the next generation of children manage to slay this thing, Gen 221 will die in maybe 10mins, LOL
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3 years ago#72
I picked a hell of a generation to start on. 4.7 here.
Official Holy Dragon Nall of the First Generation.
3 years ago#73
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3 years ago#74
Oh my God....this Dragon. Poor Urshole...he's getting lonely ;) found a 4.4,.....crying....alone
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3 years ago#75
Still 4.4.

Good, gives me a chance to continue leveling my new char. (Yep, started on a new account, didn't want to jeopardize my 3 existing accounts. Just gotten a plat, still a long way to level before starting BBI. Need lots of time, lol.)
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3 years ago#76
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3 years ago#77
Should be at 3.4
3 years ago#78
Went in online accidentally instead of offline, fought a 3.6.
Dragon's Dogma gallery: http://imgur.com/a/72J6R
3 years ago#79
4.1 now, I can't believe I missed with my maker's finger again I really need to stop wasting them.
3 years ago#80
Took him down to 3.5
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