Official Pawn Sharing Club #39

#1conspiraiciesPosted 7/5/2013 11:35:03 PM
This Club is about sharing pawns among active players, getting each other RC, knowledge, gear and feedback on the pawns.

To interested new players:
This club works both ways round, we hire you, you hire us, means that this thread is not for promoting your pawn once, it's meant to be an active community, where you are visible from time to time, letting the rest of us know how much RC/knowledge you got from us, with whom you are traveling and so on.
Most of us won't hire your pawn if they never see you again here in this thread and you will be excluded from the list if you seem inactive so make sure to post sometimes and be active.

Useful things to know:

If you want to become a member of the Club post your Info EXACTLY like this:

GFAQ nick | PSN | Pawn name | Pawn level | Pawn vocation | plays DD or DA


SupaArisen | Agent_007 | Sean Connery | 200 | Ranger | DA

OPSC Management will ignore all other information posts, it is just impossible to read out all information on the fly if the information is hidden in a wall of text.
Post again as described if there were changes that should be added to the list, please state that it is an update so your info doesn't end up posted twice on the list.

Hiring higher level pawns:
To lower level players,you can hire higher level pawns for free by sending a friend request to their owner, once accepted they cost 0 RC, but you should know that there is an exp penalty for renting pawns above your current level that caps at 25 levels above your Arisen.
Additionally, there is an exp bonus applied if you rent pawns below your current level that caps at 25 levels below your Arisen.
Most people on this board with their PSN in their signature will accept a friend request so don't be shy. ;)

Limit of 2 pawns per member:
We limited the pawns on the list to 2 per member, so if you have multiple alternative accounts, make sure to enlist the two you want on the list,you may always change those though, just post in the common way which pawn you want to exchange and it will be done with the next update.

Updates to the list:
The list of active members is being updated on a regular basis, those updates include new members, pawn info updates and exclude those whom are not active anymore.
If you take a break from DD/quite playing, please let us know, so I can take you of the list for that time, remember, everyone can be back on the list when he is playing and can fulfill the "Sharing Club duties" again, just post in this thread, be active as described above and you are back on the list.

Acknowledging a hire:
An important "duty", post a little thank you about who rented your pawn, what RC you got, what knowledge your pawn learned and what gift you received, this is important cause through these infos and the post in the thread we read out if someone is still active.
So maybe the member hasn't posted in 4 days, but there were 5 people thanking him for hires,letting the rest of us know that member is still around.

Press "square" in the "hire window" which shows the Arisens name, PSN and RC you got,this will show you more detailed information,cycle through it with R1.

When thanking someone in the thread please bold their PSNs, it makes it much easier for the ones who maintain the list to read out who is active etc.
To bold type this(without the underscores): <_b_>your text</_b_>

Colors in the Doc:
Yellow: missing information
Red: this member may be inactive and will be excluded within the next days if he doesn't show up and is active as described above.
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Follow this Link to the List:

Use the search options in the second row to sort the list after your liking.

Use Ctrl+F in the Google Doc Spreadsheet View(Link below) to open the search bar, if you search for a specific level, vocation or PSN, enter that information, for example Fighter, press Enter and it highlights you all Fighters etc.

Also, the ones who like Kanerex list more, he opened a thread with it, check here if you want to use it:

Link to the list:

Use Tigerlylas "Photos with Pawn Sharing Club Members" thread to share your screenshots with the rest of us:

The thread is to fast for you to keep up and all the pages are a chore to read through?
Make your life easier with some setting changes, change the number of messages per thread page to 50 and reading through these threads will become much less exhausting. ;)

You might have noticed the "Other Info" row in the Google Doc, we add there something you want for your pawn may it be RC, bestiary or area knowledge stars, special items etc.

It's not for something you need right away, it should just display what other members might gift you or could help you with, check the "Other Info" row for examples on things you might want. ;)

Happy Hunting everyone!
"Teabag with honor..."
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#3FallenOreganoPosted 7/5/2013 11:48:37 PM
I just released Raydon and Hayato
I would've kept them longer, but I'm going to attempt to kill Death for the first time, and I don't want them to forfeit with giftless three star ratings c:
#4Alucard188(Moderator)Posted 7/6/2013 12:01:30 AM
Kyrie bids a fond farewell to Kuro and Lyon. Both handled themselves well, but Kuro got possessed by a Drake and tried to eat my face! D: I also have to question Lyon's choice of being a Ranger, yet having no bow skills and what seems to be a build centered around clinging to things and biting their faces off, which he never did.
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#5paaskyPosted 7/6/2013 12:13:59 AM
@ACasser: Thank you very much for comprehensive report of Laura and making me smile, hope others as well. :)

As being my firstborn, she was risen trial and error method which has probably carried out some degree of rebelliollism in her. Meaning, she certainly seems to enjoy exceeding her limits and loves everything that makes loud noises and explodes in addition to french kissing maneaters. I am not sure if spanking helps much as she has tendency for masochism and instead it could encourage her more but I will give a try. :)

Saying this, I have not rented her as support pawn in my alt for long long time so gonna test that as too in the following days and observe that girl's actions more closely from that point of view. I fine tuned her active spells list and ring set yesterday morning so she currently has few fast casting spells more than two days ago. I assume she has previous setting in your game with the Grand version of Bolide.
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#6baby blastodermPosted 7/6/2013 12:47:19 AM
Since I'm not yet on the spreadsheet, I'll post the update to my character here since old topic is full.

baby blastoderm | azneduave | Elune | 191 | Ranger | DA

Anyone interested in a night elf(warcraft style) ranger may want to give her a go.
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#7basra85Posted 7/6/2013 1:00:03 AM
Released Ember and Luna. Taking out Gwendolan and Hayato

Also exceptionally large fondness goes to StrikeZeroSoul & Dyshana for 748,882RC 5* comment "All the best." and a Bitterblack Weapon Lv.3 which I purified and got Blackwing Bow. I play a MA so that's very awesome for first lvl 3 weapon. ty, my gf isn't saying ty though cause I was loud lol.
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#8soulinsanityPosted 7/6/2013 1:05:50 AM
basra85 posted...
Released Ember and Luna. Taking out Gwendolan and Hayato

Also exceptionally large fondness goes to StrikeZeroSoul & Dyshana for 748,882RC 5* comment "All the best." and a Bitterblack Weapon Lv.3 which I purified and got Blackwing Bow. I play a MA so that's very awesome for first lvl 3 weapon. ty, my gf isn't saying ty though cause I was loud lol.

Haha! Well my deepest apologies to your GF! XD

Chris was excellent support and quickly picked up on Silvi's fighting style and starting doing the same as her after he learned of beasts.. a single tear of pride went down my cheek when i saw Chris and Silvi climbed on the back of a suit of Living Armor and Hundred Kissed its armor to oblivion quickly followed by a Ricochet Hunter bolt in the back side finishing it :)
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#9Jules_McGrulesPosted 7/6/2013 1:13:00 AM
Overdue thanks from Bruno to strikezerosoul for 412k rc and a level 3 weapon xD

Also, to former club member theonesin for 23k rc and beast steak x)

Have the next two nights off, so I'll see about tossing some friend requests around.

Trevajax, every time I see Shar-Teel's name I think of Asgard's story. That was golden. XD Think I'll be giving her a rent soon.
#10Sicarus13Posted 7/6/2013 1:24:16 AM
Just gonna give thanks to Basra85 for 131,773 RC 5 star ratings and bitterblack gear :). If you have any feedback feel free to comment on her!

Ember is now LVL 66! So for any of you looking for a healer/support Mage, she's the pawn for you! Hope you all enjoy her as much as I do :).
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