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3 years ago#131
Karathrax posted...
You missed the point of the MK vid. His Arisen's str and mag are both less than 500. He still has 168 kills, last count, and is one of the most significant damage dealers I know. Note that he doesn't get hit once.

And evidently you didn't read the notes on mine where I mention that very thing.

watched both vids. still answered nothing. Still not all that interested in picking up MK again.

only thing it told me was, kill the ur-dragon the same way you kill death, blast arrow spam and physical daggers. also it did atleast answer why you stacked sobering wine.
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3 years ago#132
also, if stacking solomet's secret adds toyour magic, and tagulis miracle adds to your srength, if you had, say, Sapfire Daggers, would stacking both x4 multiply the daggers fire magic AND strength?

also i tend to despise elemental weapons (i still use them), and hate buffs (dont use but might make a exception for holy) becuase it feels like it weakens my weapon, which i will explian.

I have noticed, unless a weapon deals pure magic, you cannot hurt a magic creature (such as specters, which is bull). but when you attack anything else, you seem to do a mix of mostly magic but a little physical (but it seems extreamly based of there magic defense), so what exactly is the point of the system for Magic weapons like the Sapfire Daggers, when they really are good only on things weak to THAT magic, but NOT on things immune to physical.

And how would sapfire daggers act on a ur dragon with a x4/x4 buff vs a helbrandt dagger with a x4 buff.

p.s this is part strategy planning for my ranger and mostly serious question.
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3 years ago#133
ACasser posted...
@srgtsilent: Perhaps you could give the rest of us an indication of your set-up, your strategy, and your tactics so that we could give you feedback on what you might be doing wrong?

From what I've been reading of your comments and complaints, I get the distinct impression that you simply don't have enough firepower at your disposal for one reason or another. I'm trying to get some sort of diagnosis as to give you tips, but I need a fair amount of additional information if that's going to work:

Which version of the game are you playing? What level is your Arisen and your primary pawn? How is your primary pawn set up? What equipment is on your troops, and what augments? What support pawns do you bring with you? Do you use Tagilus' Miracle and Salomet's Secret as advised at the top of the thread? What's your overall "strategy" in tackling Ur, and what specific tactics do you use in combat?

If we can figure out what you're doing wrong, we might be able to set you right.

well lets start with the fight i did have as my MK and then, when i get on DD, ill fill you in on my ranger/MA and party stats/clothing (sense im gunna fight him as a ranger or MA).

im pretty sure i just dont have enough strength, im trying to hard and am only at level ~170 as is my pawn i believe. the summoned pawns are around 151-156 (one sorcerer and one warrior) and both have excess of 3000 damage in there fields. Genereally i am a brute force player with my MK (holy furor honostly sucks in most cases) with my warrior and main pawn (fight atm) attacking and my sorcer supporting wth high lvl magic (grand fullmination, high gicil, high seism, high maelstrom, grand Bolide, and another).

I climb up to the ur dragons purple areas in non race and just hack and slash wth my 2246 damage GR shooting star (that means dark arisen) and a x4 stack of tagulis miracles untll i run out then switch to concerer's periept, then in Grace i do the same thing on the hearts. in my last attempt i actualy destroyed 2 hearts, left front thigh and left shoulder, and he flew away as i was attacking his chin (terrible place to reach).

my pawn was set up pure strength augments ect ect (more details when i get on)
honostly i did flop on my augments, i didnt change mine to augment my strength like i should have. but i know we both have adhesion and the "any damage that would take you to 0 has a chance at putting you at 1 health instead" augment.

I use the Immortals set on me and my main pawn (as her fighter/warrior), but as a ranger i use a combination of shadow and trophy sets, with the unused trophy set going to my pawn with some less important but still strong armor as a ranger.

generaly as a MK my stratagy was get on the Ur and just keep hitting, never ever stopping until my pawn is nigh dead. the second i notice my buff gone its back and stamina i tend to fill up with large mushrooms (i bought 999) when it hits 1/5 empty. i do not have any more liquid vims and my game went derp and i lost the innkeep and montblanc from GS (so no forging it till next game, but im ready to fight then seneschal so no worrys there).

any more info you need/want? ill provide soon after i hear a response.
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3 years ago#134
the offline ur-dragon is a joke. just annihilated him.
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Name a game, if i have it, I'll help ya.
3 years ago#135
srgtsilent posted...
I climb up to the ur dragons purple areas in non race and just hack and slash wth my 2246 damage GR shooting star

And that's where you're going wrong. If you're going to climb on the Ur-Dragon, use a dagger class so you can make use of Hundred/Thousand Kisses. MK is far better off using holy buffed Great Cannons to deal the majority of its damage.
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3 years ago#136
hmmm. well then i guess i wont be using MK again. but i dont even think ill fight him again after demolishing the offline version.
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Name a game, if i have it, I'll help ya.
3 years ago#137
If you're going in as a Ranger or even as a Magick Archer for the Thousand Kisses dagger attacks, you want to be as much strength as you can get. The Ur Dragon is weak to Holy, so if you have a Mage or Sorcerer with the Holy buff, that will help, but STR is the most important.

You'll want Vehemence and Clout both equipped as Augments; they stack. Others that are very helpful are Proficiency, Opportunism, Adhesion and Bloodlust (this gives a 20% str boost at night).

Strength boosting equipment to consider:

Head: Dragonroar, Dragon Band
Body: Marshall's Bracers, Golden Belt
Arms: I use Gauntlets of Oblivion with the attribute, "Extends duration of attribute boosts applied to you". This makes your Conqueror's Periapts and Tagilus's Miracles last longer.
Legs: Assault Boots and whatever undergarment
Cloak: Sovereign's Mantle
Rings: Anything you have to boost STR. Also, a Daggerist's Band is helpful in the other slot for Thousand Kisses.

Get a set of Framae Blades (BBI level 3 Cursed Armor).

With all this gear and fighting at night, my very balanced Arisen has 3900+ offensive STR and that's before stacking periapts for that boost.

When you climb aboard your Ur Dragon, pop 4x your boosts and slash away. Keep an eye on your boost icon and refresh when it disappears.

Take along some Blast Arrows or a Maker's Finger for wing hearts if you can't get to them.
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3 years ago#138
If you're going to use Daggers and Thousand Kisses, your two viable choices are Heaven's Keys or Framae Blades. All other things being equal, you'll get pretty much the same damage either way if you're also boosted with the appropriate Periapts -- the extra Physical Attack you get from the Framae Blades is matched by the combination of Magic Attack and Holy from the Keys when Ur's elemental vulnerabilties are added.

I'd also avoid using the Sapfire Blades. They're stronger than the Heaven's Keys in an absolute sense, but Ur laughs at the attempts to inflict status effects and the perma-Fire enchantment puts a dent into your damage dealing because Ur has some resistance. The Sapfires are stronger, but not enough so to overcome the elemental difference.
3 years ago#139
srgtsilent posted...
hmmm. well then i guess i wont be using MK again. but i dont even think ill fight him again after demolishing the offline version.

If you want to be climbing the Ur and hitting him directly as MK, then use Abyssal Anguish to boost your strength. The extended reach of the weapon due to AA is pretty helpful too. You do have to drop down to the ground to recast AA after it runs out though (there is BBI ring/band to extend the AA duration), it's not something you can cast while hanging on to the Ur.

Going physical like that is NOT the primary attack an MK should be using. This should be a last resort or strategy reserved for the last hard-to-reach or extra-tough heart(s). Your main attack is Great Cannon.
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