Official Pawn Sharing Club #47

#1soulinsanityPosted 10/26/2013 10:43:26 PM
This Club is about sharing pawns among active players, getting each other RC, knowledge, gear and feedback on the pawns.

This club works both ways: we hire you, you hire us. This thread is not for promoting your pawn once, it's meant to be an active community, where you are visible from time to time, letting the rest of us know how much RC/knowledge you got from us, with whom you are travelling, etc.

Most of us won't hire your pawn if they never see you again here in this thread, best way to get hires is being active in the thread and hiring others! A good start is by introducing yourself and your pawn(s).

If you want to become a member of the Club add the following info to the list:

GFAQ nick | PSN | Pawn name | Pawn level | Pawn vocation | plays DD or DA

New players are to add their info at the bottom of the list.

DA players are on the first sheet, DD players on the second sheet: so use the right sheet!

Link to the Club List:

Please use the List View! The Spreadsheet View should only be modified by experienced members as simple mistakes can negatively effect the list. The List View is easy to modify and edit; itís also very practical for searching and sorting names, levels, etc.

You should update your info on the list on a regular basis, adjust your pawn's level, vocation etc. when it changes.

If you take a break from DD/quit playing, please take yourself off the list and add it again if you come back.

It would be nice to keep the list only full of active players without the need for someone to remove inactives.

We limited the pawns on the list to 2 per member. Please place your accounts right under one another as this makes it easier for others to figure out they both belong to you.

An important duty, post a little thank you about who rented your pawn, what RC you got, what knowledge your pawn learned and what gift you received, this is important because through these infos and the post in the thread others are able to see you (and those who hired you) are active and are thus more likely to rent your (and their) pawn.

Details of hires show up when you stay at an inn: Press "square" in the "hire window" which shows the Arisenís name, PSN and RC you got, this will show you more detailed information, cycle through it with R1.

In the "Other Info" row we add something we want for our pawn may it be RC, bestiary or area knowledge stars, special items etc. It's not for something you need right away, it's just to display what other members might gift you or could help you with.

You can hire higher level pawns for free by sending a friend request to their owner; once accepted they cost 0 RC.

Note: there is an exp penalty for renting pawns above your current level that caps at 25 levels above your Arisen. Additionally, there is an exp bonus applied if you rent pawns below your current level that caps at 25 levels below your Arisen.

Most people on this board with their PSN in their signature will accept a friend request so don't be shy, but best write that you are from the Sharing Club.

Also consider putting your own info in your signature, as this will make it easier for others to hire you when all your info always right under your posts. It's also the best way to promote your pawn.

Happy Hunting Everyone!
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#2soulinsanity(Topic Creator)Posted 10/26/2013 11:13:00 PM
Ok on to business! Hiring Shondra and Viconia!

Also if anyone needs any materials from classic Dogma or DA feel free to ask! If im on and free ill be more than happy to give them to you. If you dont.. well it just will collect dust in the Horo Horde of loot.
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#3Dragoon ZER0Posted 10/27/2013 12:06:50 AM
Jaheira thanks:
rockyterrain (HillbillyDuke) for 382,710 RC, 5*, and 2x scrag of beast

Imoen thanks:
rockyterrain (RockyTerrain) for 288,241 RC, 5*, a lv3 gear, and the "Employed skills masterfully" comment
#4soulinsanity(Topic Creator)Posted 10/27/2013 12:14:18 AM
Releasing the recently fondled Shondra and Viconia
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#5the_requiemPosted 10/27/2013 12:47:15 AM
Arya thanks:

gt_dragoon for BBI Armor Lv3 x3 and 555 ratings.
Karmikazee for 70k RC, Infernal Hide, Maleficent Heart, 555 rating and comment that I missed reading because daughter snatched remote and spammed O.

Don't think there were any other hires, but if there were, apologies.
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#6the_requiemPosted 10/27/2013 3:34:42 AM
Took Draven through BBI 2.0 with a new Ranger pawn for training. Will be re-hiring Draven to flesh out bestiary as I try farming Hydras for knowledge.
DarkArisen : the_requiem | wreck_em | Nemo | 200 | Mage
the_requiem | wreck_gow | Arya | 51 | Ranger
#7paaskyPosted 10/27/2013 5:46:41 AM
After some random fun in BBI, Lara Croft kissed goodbye and sent home fantastic ...

rockyterrain's Durske
PoppaMoon9999 Eliza

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PSN: laura-a-t | Lara Croft | Fighter lvl 200
#8sierramoonPosted 10/27/2013 6:48:43 AM
haru_025 and Chelsea thank:

Lance-Stirling (non-club member) for 294,480 RC and a body bag

ARMY-5564KW (non-club member) for 182,631 RC, Gold Ore, and 4-5-5 rating!

akiyan1108 (non-club member) for 25,493 RC and a body bag

RockyTerrain for 261,062 RC, a BB Gear 3, an "Offered precision support" comment, and a 5-star rating!

Kotor21 (non-club member) for 379,977 RC, a Supple Dragon Pelt (nicest random gift she's ever received), an "I'd have your pawn again" comment, and a 5-star rating!

dOjOb-357 (non-club member) for 106,468 RC and a 5-star rating!

I recently parted ways with:

solemgar's Larissa and Ln1107's Yuki, who accompanied us on a Daimon 2.0 run. Larissa was a bit better than last time, just needs some better armor so she's not taken out so easily. Yuki was great, no issues at all with her casting and she has a pretty cool look to her.

I recently hired:

RockyTerrain's Willow and darkwasabi2's Velka for more BBI stuff. I may let Velka go for a few minutes before we start adventuring (forgot to give Yuki something) so please excuse the 0 RC rent you'll be seeing.
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#9PoppaMoon9999Posted 10/27/2013 7:18:08 AM
As soon as cox removes head from a$$ im gonna trade thaliah for shondra. If i can afford her. I like willow though. Kid does good work
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#10rockyterrainPosted 10/27/2013 10:08:57 AM(edited)
Good gugga mugga, Durske has been busy this weekend! Means I will be tonight when returning hires!

Much gratitude and appreciation to:

requiem (Arya), 213k RC, Blessed Flower, 5* ratings and, "Employed Skills Masterfully"! Thanks for the note! Also, great minds think alike...while I had Durske running with Willow's Arisen, I noticed he used Dire Arrow too much, so I removed it and left Corkscrew Arrow and Tenfold. Picked up Arya afterwared (she's ready to run tonight) and saw that's her setup:)

PERFXSHUN1085, non-OPSC...18k RC, Apple, 5* ratings, and said, "Exudes STR and Valor".
requiem (Nemo), 64k RC, BBI Gear 3, 5* and another, "Employed Skills Masterfully"!
FCJJI_54, non-OPSC...78k RC, 5* ratings
rockit1010, non-OPSC...66k RC, Giant Rank Fish, 3* ratings(?)
Dragoon_ZERO, 9k RC, Liquid Vim, 5* ratings and I should be the one offering thanks;) I will take your new pawn along for some RC and gifting...let me know what you might need.
paasky (Lara), 435k RC (!), BB Armor 3 (YAY!), 5* ratings and said, "Excelled in All Regards"! That's great to hear!

Plus, several random hires and default 3* ratings.
I did check out the Dark Arisen board and noticed some of the rents I've received have come from there, too, and they're the classier non-DD board OPSC rents that have come through like Karmikazee and patagoniant.

Durske has rented and released Jules' Shondra and currently has the_requiem's Arya and a non-OPSC pawn along for rental returns.

Willow's been a bit more low-key, but has spent some quality time with old friends...

soulinsanity's Horo, she looks great with her demon blood showing! RC bomb!, a soul-bonding ring, 5* ratings and the ultimate compliment, "Is Simply Perfect"!
geroen, 213k RC, BB Novelty 3, 5* ratings and, "Excelled in all Regards"!
Karmikazee, 17k RC, BB Gear 3, 5* ratings and the ultimate working compliment, "Offered Precision Support"!

Have rented and released geroen's Larissa and picked up the mysterious and feisty Horo from the pawn shop. As sierramoon mentioned, Larissa could use some tweaks to her equipment and I'll add her Inclinations need some attention...she has Guardian, which is generally considered a horrible Inclination. Note: Was just looking for a Sorcerer to hire from the Rift to run with Willow and noticed Larissa showed up with missing equipment again. There aren't many good active Sorcerer pawns running these days and she could get a lot of good rents.

Picked up gt_dragoon's Viconia to run with Willow and Horo.

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