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User Info: enjelsama

3 years ago#21
Killface99 posted...
I can kill Hard Mode Daimon first/second form combined in about a minute, but I can't kill the Ur-Dragon during grace period. Go figure.

Just need stack them str and magic up items, and go nutts. XD

Redid my main save, since it got currpted.
Honestly been stuck with crap gear. Barly beat Hard Mode Daimon 2nd form, with Grigori Weapons at DF lv1. XD 588str and 500 magic.
Can't even knock him out of vortex attack, lol. (inless I got climbing)

Ur + heaven keys + str and magic up items made it quite lol.

Really sad part is, today I rushed switch me and pawn strider. Grab heaven keys, slap on some quick armor. Change my skills.
Mad dash to Ur rift stone...
I go cloud volley pawns... forgot a bow for me and my pawn. XD
Likely no time to go get a bow, so I risk it.

Ur shows up with 7 hearts, None on wing tips. =3

How ever, my kill count hasn't reset from new save... so now at 96 kills. 0_o
Mmmm Choco Cookies
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