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2 years ago#361
Honestly, whenever I do test runs at the Black Abbey or Rotunda of Dread, I never really could tell much of a difference between scather/mitigator fighter pawns myself either. My preference for Scather has more to do with Daimon farming/RC bombing. As I've mentioned before, my twin pawns consistently rush Daimon without hesitation(i.e. as soon as I press start to skip his entrance cut-scene, they don't waste a single millisecond just standing around) so long as I set their primary inclination to Scather. If I set their primary to Mitigator however, they'll just stay close to me and won't rush Daimon until after his opening attack, which can be rather inconvenient if he decides to kick things off with Grand Comestion... But yeah, I'm just being nit-picky about keeping my RC bombs running as smoothly as possible as a Mystic Knight. The distinction between scather/mitigator doesn't concern me as much during normal game-play or if I'm RC bombing as a strider/ranger on one of my pure strength alts.

I'll have to give this "pioneer/mitigator" setup that Jules suggested a try sometime. I've been meaning to test if pioneer as a primary is just as reliable as scather for the purpose of drawing away Daimon's initial onslaught during RC bombs, I just never got around to it. If nothing else, I'll probably go back to keeping it around as a secondary at least.
"Teabag with honor..."
Dark Arisen Pawn Catalog:
2 years ago#362
Catti-Brie would like to thank:

Inflightmeals - assortment of healthy snacks, 5*
Karmikazee 927,954 rc, BBA3, WK ring, Blessed flower, 5*, masterful skills
Just-fade-away 129,035 rc, golden egg, 5/4/4* simply perfect
Seymourlikely2 142,271 rc, BBG3, 5*, invaluable asset.
Kagetora-81 1mill rc, bodybag.

I've spent the evening trying to get used to these controls again so I took Borax and Talon and we worked our way down through BBI. I got eaten by a Gorecyclops and one shotted by an Elder Ogre , so I'm obviously a little out of practice but the pawns performed very well.

Borax seemed happy enough to get stuck in with Eliminators and Ogres and climbed his way up a couple of Gorecyclopes as well. Talon was handy with the healing and the haildom too.

Have spiders always inflicted torpor with their bum spit ? Maybe I've just got a different set of resistances this time around

It'll take a little while to get back into it apparently, I kept pressing O to roll and swearing when I didn't roll lol.
PSN Durzo54Blint - DA pawn: Catti-Brie (Ranger),,, PSN V1r1d1ana - DA pawn: Snowflake (Sorceror),,,, PSN Azurite_Fire - DA pawn: Sorsha (Fighter)
2 years ago#363
Borax has sent home Lily(EmoGirlXD16) & Para(BotheredBiskit) with what should be a fair bit of RC, & by all their talking a lot of knowledge(I hope), having done a good tour of the first half of BBI. He has now picked up Isabella(JLakaPanda007) & Lara Croft(laura-a-t) to try a all pawn fighter team!! Doing 2nd part of BBI so should be fun.

So I rested Borax right before I started that run, this is NUTS!!

Borax thanks;

Dinafos5 22k RC, small fish, 5*'s & "Was a font of knowledge"
LightingBattra greenwarish, 5*'s & "You have style about you"
Acid_Relic 32k RC, BBG-3! 5*'s & "Was our finest warrior"
TheFatall 248k RC! Kristoffese 95k RC
Jules_McGrules2 91k RC, select herb ale, red wine, 5*'s & "Saved us countless times" Ya right!! :))
Durzo54Blint 68k RC, veteran's periapt, BBA-3!!! 5*'s & his fav, "Employed skills masterfully"

On top of that, someone got Borax's 3rd star for skeleton brutes!!! If you think it was you, please say so & claim my bounty(It didn't show up until I exited the hire menu, so was kill count & I can't tell who did it)

If I played 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week I couldn't keep up with these hires!! But Ill try my best & Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! :)))

Dinalfos5, because of my fighter training & other things I haven't been able to fit you in, but thank you for all the hires & I will be hiring a couple of your pawns very soon. :)

Oh, Inferno & nathan, forgot to say, "Thanks for fixing me on the SS!!"
psn: Karmikazee / Whynot! lvl 200 sorcerer DA
psn: Karmislazee / Jazz B'caz lvl 97 ranger | psn: Karmi-Kat / Borax Dathik lvl 161 Magic Fighter
2 years ago#364
Big Thanks from myself and Para to Karmikazee for my first ever Rift crystal payout of 255,549 RC 5* Rating and bitterblack level 2 weapon.

I have taken on Jules McGrules pawn Ser Bruno the sorcerer (who looks like a fkn boss btw) and Deadly Mistress pawn lily the strider (love the debilitation spec). Para is now switched over to mage for better team synergy.
2 years ago#365
Xalon bear hugs Ayashera (Kharadus) for 5*'s + 4 Grandgrapes!:)) She'll be stomping out her own wine any minute now!
and Talon hi-fives her thanks to Ayashera (Kharadus) 5*'s+ 4 Copper ore+Red Wine (you devil!) + Skeleton Tactics scroll & Lich Tactics scroll! You are the sweetest Arisen!
then pirouettes & curtsies to:
Janne (Xaverius1) 5*'s + 31,126RC+ "Actively battled foes comment"
Kaya (AcidRelic) 5*'s+135,276RC+ BB2N +"Was and invaluable asset" (Glad to hear that!)
Cattie-Brie (Falthin) 5*'s + 200,560RC + Demons Periapt (yum!)
My Thanks to all of you!
Talon has now hired Cattie-Brie (Falthin) & Janne (Xaverius1). She's running out of moolah & wants to farm UR for wakestones to bring up her bank balance. Mountebank isn't big on credit.
PSN: windspiritsinger - Pawn:Talon/Mage (scrappy type)/Level 200
PSN: sunspiritsinger - Pawn: Xalon/Ranger/Level 200
2 years ago#366
Edwarda solemnly bows to

InfernoRodan for 1mil RC, a wakestone, 5/5/5*, and the comment 'My Thanks'.

Farnese feels duty-bound to acknowledge

Acid_Relic for 3379 RC; and
Kharadus for 5 x Sunbright and 5/5/5*.

Thank you all generously for your hires.

Sent home Karmi-Kat's mighty and box-shaped Borax 'Short Ribs' DaThik after he battled Ur 457 without pants on, was squished under a summoned Cursed Dragon without pants on, stood in front of Madeleine without pants on... . Re-hired him again.
Urfaust84: Juliette, lvl 200 Sorcerer; Urfaust841: Edwarda, lvl 200 Warrior; and Urfaust842: Farnese, lvl 100 Fighter.
2 years ago#367
Talon has caressed and bid a fond farewell to the beautiful Cattie-Brie (Falthin) and Ms. Janna (Xaverius1) :))

Ooooohhhh Short Ribs without his pant on!!! Ha! My girls wanna see that!!
PSN: windspiritsinger - Pawn:Talon/Mage (scrappy type)/Level 200
PSN: sunspiritsinger - Pawn: Xalon/Ranger/Level 200
2 years ago#368
lyryn222 posted...
Ooooohhhh Short Ribs without his pant on!!! Ha! My girls wanna see that!!

:D Of course I cannot speak on his behalf, but I suspect that if you want to be witness to the highth of 'adorable'-ness, then you probably have only to ask
Urfaust84: Juliette, lvl 200 Sorcerer; Urfaust841: Edwarda, lvl 200 Warrior; and Urfaust842: Farnese, lvl 100 Fighter.
2 years ago#369
I took Emochick's Lily on a short tour through BBI. It was rough on the poor girl, but she held her own. Think I'll hang on to her for a bit, go through the main story some before sending her on her merry way. I tossed a couple accessories her way, you'll receive those after I release her. No big. X)

@BBiskit thanks for the kind words about my big lug. :D He is pleasantly destructive, but also can be gentle as a kitten. ;)

@Karmi that rent of Borax was when I picked him up a few days ago. He was level 120 at the time, but he really did save our asses on multiple occasions, while taking nary a scratch himself. Remarkable pawn, and with personality to boot. I'd have a drink with him if I could!
Thaliah Level 200 Ranger PSN Jules_McGrules, Ser Bruno Level <150 Sorcerer PSN Jules_McGrules2, Shondra Level 200 Strider PSN Jules_McGrules3
2 years ago#370
*waves at conspiraicies and the rest of the gang*
Dragon's Dogma level 200 pawns: Durske, Ranger; Willow, Support Mage (photo credit: _ard)
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