A short list of changes that would really invigorate this game

#1zyrax2301Posted 6/10/2014 1:59:03 AM
1. Co op in some form, even if it's just the ability to control your pawn in other worlds.

2. Random enemy placement/varied spawns at day and night.

3. A Berserkish Curse Mark effect where monsters seek you out at night.

4. Horses.

5. More NPC encounters in the overworld.
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#2C4Warr10rPosted 6/10/2014 4:18:04 PM
Not a bad list of suggestions, but let me play devils' advocate and try to answer each.

1) Co-op ruins a huge part of this game. In every single review I've ever seen or read, the one thing all people love about this game, including those who hate it, is the pawns. Why? Because what is not to love about your own, specially trained, utterly unique character that learns from you? It's fun to admire your pawn and those of others, see how they were built, see how they act. If anything, Capcom severely under-capitalized on this facet of the game. It's like a company betting that some day, people will no longer have children.

By contrast, actual human beings are often extremely un-enjoyable. I believe most people are good at heart, but the crap they pull sometimes in multiplayer or even co-op makes you wonder. This is why team-killing, trolling, and griefing are things you hear all the time, usually from pre-teens.

2) Random enemy spawns are great, but only if you like this game, and even then, people complain about random enemy spawns. Anybody want a pack of Garm to go with those condemned gorecyclopes? How about a drake dropping on you from out of nowhere?

The single largest complaint about this game is that it is too hard. We're a pretty small fanbase as it is, can Capcom really afford to alienate more players by making the game even more difficult? Don't get me wrong, I like the idea, but in order to implement it Capcom has to ease players into the game a bit more. Impatient types are just going to get frustrated and quit, and there is no shortage of those.

3) Are you sure you have played this game? It is almost impossible to not run into monsters at night, and they come from every direction. Maybe you want more monsters, hell so do I, but we're not new to this game. We want a good fight, but I think everyone can agree that once you are good at the game, run-of-the-mill monsters become more of an annoyance than anything. Sometimes you just want to get from point a to point b without slogging through hordes of pitifully outmatched foes.

4) As a horseman, I have to agree with this, but only if horses are implemented properly. Atop a horse, you are invincible and lesser creatures flee from you in terror as you thunder down on them. Try it sometime, you'll love it. People say that charging horsemen can be stopped by forming a line, and while this is true, saying it and actually doing it are two different things. Most people are not horsemen, and they flee in terror when charged because about half a second before you reach them they suddenly realize that you have a lot more reach, leverage, and power than they do. Plus that horse could fall on them.

I have yet to see this properly implemented in a game. Games that try to implement horses look like something made by somebody who has never been on a horse in their life. If it's just fast-travel you want, we have port-crystals. No need for horses. Fixed in the expansion.

5) I know what you mean, but at the same time I remind you that this is a Japanese game. The one thing most people hate about it is that the NPCs suck. This is so common in Japanese games that it is a meme. Nothing wrong with the Japanese, per se, it's just a different culture, but they suck at writing western characters. Badly. How many eye-rolling pieces of dialogue are there in anime? They can't even get actual western people right in paintings, we always have slanted eyes.

But this is just me playing devil's advocate, this is just one perspective for you to weigh against your own. Above all I ask that you consider the larger perspective, and maybe do some re-evaluation. Nice post, though, I've been considering with to do with this game myself.
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#3HustleBonesPosted 6/14/2014 6:09:51 PM
Pretty solid suggestions that I think a lot of people would appreciate. I'd love to see fast travel done away with and replaced with horses. They should be functional in combat but only available from certain locations (should they die). You should be able to send them away in the heat of battle and just call them up again if they're still alive and it should be a risk/reward choice for the player to mow down a horde of goblins or risk walking the rest of the journey.

I want less NPCs as well, like Warr10r stated. I'd prefer a small group that are written well, and it'd be better if that included yourself or your main pawn. I don't think the game needs to go full Dark Souls and have a really barren feel but I'd rather they have crowds of NPCs you don't engage with, and a couple that you do, rather than giving everyone 2 lines of dialogue and fobbing them off to really awful voice actors.

Imagine if they saw fit to give your main pawn a proper arc that plays out alongside your own. The NPC companion has certainly been popular in more character and narrative driven games recently. Unfortunately, Capcom lack the resources to create an Ellie but the pawns already have the best dialogue and voice acting in the game. If they changed up the repetition to slowly drip feeding some stellar banter it could go a long way.
#4MrAwesome312Posted 6/15/2014 8:08:12 PM
I would like the commands (Up, down, left, right) to be replaced with hotkeys. It would make switching between my rusted longbow and Revenant Wail so much smoother. Or my Helmbarte Daggers and Heavens keys.
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#5zyrax2301(Topic Creator)Posted 6/16/2014 11:44:13 AM
MrAwesome312 posted...
I would like the commands (Up, down, left, right) to be replaced with hotkeys. It would make switching between my rusted longbow and Revenant Wail so much smoother. Or my Helmbarte Daggers and Heavens keys.

Oh yes, absolutely. Buttons are scarce, I have no idea why they wasted all four of them on commands which really aren't that helpful in most cases anyway. The only time I use them is to spam Help when I want to buff up before a fight.
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#6str8KnowledgePosted 6/19/2014 2:09:50 PM
You would have to make horses for the whole team and the enemies. Make new AI for horse riding. That would be too much for players to learn and for the system to create.

The pawn commands are given priority because the devs wanted a pawn training game.
#7Cool_new_namePosted 6/20/2014 8:19:19 AM
How about a PvP arena where you can even choose to play as a monster. :O