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Wondering how you guys get from level 100 - 200 as sorcerer. I'm only 130 atm from playing normally through bbi. Really want to get 200 quickly so I can play as MA. What's the absolute quickest way? I'm on HM.
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ender_gamer500 posted...
Wondering how you guys get from level 100 - 200 as sorcerer. I'm only 130 atm from playing normally through bbi. Really want to get 200 quickly so I can play as MA. What's the absolute quickest way? I'm on HM.

According to what I've read from other people in other threads here, there are about 2 ways you can level up a sorcerer (I was also a sorcerer when I levelled up from 100-200)

The first one would be from the Ur Dragon. This is best done solo at night with Bloodlust and Autonomy Augments. Just spam Holy-Infused Focused Bolts and he's done. Stacking Demon's Periapts and other magic-enhancing potions will be necessary in case you have pretty low magic(assuming you didn't level up as sorc/mage before 100 like me). Additional knockdown/stagger power can also be helpful since that big-a** creepy dragon (especially when it looks directly at you while tilting it's head) flies away after you clear a few health bars. It gives roughly 600k exp on normal with x2 exp, I'm not sure how much on hard.

The other one is killing Death in BBI, also better done solo and at night.
In this thread I posted Karathrax's method which I read at another thread I can't find (sorry). http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/684236-dragons-dogma-dark-arisen/69435332#4
In normal mode he gives more than 820k exp, almost 1.6M with x2 exp, In hard mode I think more than a million and 3M+ with x2 exp.

Here are some tips for you:
Enable Holy Affinity and Focused Bolts since you'll be using this a lot
Buy a lot of demon's periapts. As for the exact amount per battle it really depends on you're arisen but usually it's 4 stacks per minute.
Attunement/Acuity/Bloodlust/Autonomy augments. The other 2 augments also depends on you.
Additional knockdown/stagger power (Emphasis augment, rings, barbed nails, etc) since Ur / Death will fly away / disappear after taking some hits if you don't manage to force them down to the ground.

Buying those periapts won't be a problem if you did Ur first. He gives about 20 wakestones per fight, which sells for about 40K with 2 Suasion augments (from you and your pawn).
Some people also say that Daimon grinding is good too, but from my experience I hardly do any damage to his second form even with 3400+ magic on normal. Try it if you feel like it.
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Thanks for the help! I killed death twice and got 20 something levels from that. Then I was able to swap to ranger to finish the build off.
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Go into the Black Abbey with High Maelstrom in hand. You can destroy entire mobs from near the entrance. This area and the Rotunda of Dread are excellent grinding spots, respawn at random every time you leave(unless using fiend luring incense) and you're sure to find some good loot as well. Weal is recommended. (Blessed flower/Veteran's periapt)
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Imo the best way is by farming Daimon. Be sure to always have a blessed flower in your inventory and simply run to the BB Sanctum from Corridor of the Hallowed, ignoring any enemies on the way. The only skill you need is Holy affinity so you can cast it on yourself, and focussed bolt ofc. Bring demon periapts and use 4 at a time when fighting Daimon, then simply spam holy focussed bolt till he dies. I got from around lvl130 to lvl200 in a few hours this way. Just keep repeating the process of running to the BB Sanctum without engaging any enemies and youll be there in minutes. Nice added bonus is that youll have a lot of lvl3 bb weapons and armor afterwards, since the daimon chests respawn as soon as you defeat daimon again.
This works a lot better than farming death imo, since thats extremely tedious, with all the rancid bait luring him, then zoning out and back in to get him to show up again.