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A Few Dark Arisen Observations (Archived)
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Is this a glitch? (Spoilers) (Archived)Gooshtheking44/27/2013
Trading Cursed lvl 3 Items for lvl 2 (Archived)AxelLysander14/27/2013
Special equipment stat: "Extends the duration of equipped skills." (Archived)HastatusAtratus64/27/2013
just noticed (Archived)Kingscorpiop9344/27/2013
can anyone give me solar providence? please and thank you! (Archived)
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I Wonder If Game-Sharing Works With DA (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
can someone give me the golden idol? please and thank you :D (Archived)ChuckNorrisLove24/27/2013
Heavens Key Vs. Dragons Vein (Poll)RealWreckless64/27/2013
Wow some of your wishes come true (Archived)Guyver1288104/27/2013
If I switch from fighter to assassin... (Archived)theSFfan_154/27/2013
Enchanted Bows! (Archived)RealWreckless34/27/2013
question about leveling stats and MA (Archived)Silverwyrm94/27/2013
*Spoilers* Final Boss 2nd playthrough help (Archived)trunkstheknight84/27/2013
Ok WTF(Spoilers?) (Archived)DingKing14/27/2013
DLC Armor (Archived)Zigehngehst54/27/2013
Does anyone have this equipment? (Archived)ProwlingDemon64/27/2013
So I got to Daimon for the first time (Archived)chaoscontrol32574/27/2013
So the funniest thing ever happaned to me. (Archived)chaoscontrol325104/27/2013
All my DLC will wokr with or be already on my DA copy, right? (Archived)gamer6879403333104/27/2013
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