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Which board is more active? This one or the Dark Arisen board? (Archived)Critcal50410/19 9:43PM
Dragon's Dogma Ruined 2 of my Controllers (Archived)ludicrousmethod710/19 12:23AM
So, about the different endings and some other mechanics? *spoilers?* (Archived)okamhunite610/18 6:44PM
hire my pawn please would love the help (Archived)coltpem210/17 7:36PM
Speedrun, kicking the ox (Archived)oORyuumaruOo210/15 1:00PM
Hire pawn? (Archived)Gadzilla128210/8 1:55PM
Hire my pawn (Archived)AlwaysBeCrispy310/6 4:43AM
best way to level magic archer (Archived)mhslayer255910/5 5:04AM
Port crystal Gift (Archived)twisted-gemini110/3 10:07PM
Just got the game, wondering about pawn sharing (Archived)vinan123210/1 6:49PM
So uh, anyone got grisly bone armour top..? (Archived)KazeNurite610/1 2:00PM
New Player - Just Started a Couple of Weeks Ago (Archived)daelonduluc79/27 11:09PM
Looking for a 200 exclusive to Dragon's Dogma, NOT Dark Arisen! (Archived)palumatzu79/27 5:08PM
will i mess up my stats as a pure magic build if i want more carry weight? (Archived)Soulexking4949/25 10:14AM
Wyrmking Ring Gift (Archived)BartHarris89/24 6:07PM
started DA and im staring a gorecyclops chained to a wall.... (Archived)Soulexking4969/23 9:10PM
Dark Arisen on sale for 6.99 on psn (Archived)Dork_Arisen49/23 3:18PM
Hire me!!! (Archived)AlwaysBeCrispy69/21 11:07AM
Main pawn mage - primary and secondary question (Archived)pacchardon39/20 4:59PM
Pawn Question (Archived)BrookiieCookiie39/20 4:56PM
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