Call of the dead - big Easter egg parts found in game!!!!!! must read

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5 years ago#1
hey guys!
now call of duty black ops have released a second map pack for the game called Escalation and within it is a new zombies called Call of the dead.
Now i and my friends where looking around and came across:
- 4 dials on each level of the lighthouse only available to turn when the power is activated (still looking for a code to enter though)
if you manage to find them and click X on then they will also make strange noise some higher pitched that the others.
- 5 radios all with individual messages on (just like the lights of Der Reise on WaW)
- 3 generators like the ones on Ascension used as things to be absorbed by Gersch device.
- the 3 pieces of meteor that u use to turn on the new song by avenged sevenfold - and weird vents that can be clicked on which make noises when they are pressed.
- also the German, american, Japanese and Russian guys can be herd from the safe in the building near to the lighthouse.
now me and my 3 other friends think that the dials are part of a big Easter egg that possibly involves Samantha and getting the guys free out of the safe in which they are locked in. oh and yh in the room near the light house where the safe is, if you look at the individual pictures they show different parts of the map which may also contain other parts of the mythed big Easter egg.

thanks for reading this get back to me if you have anything to add and i will try to put the pieces together. IF ANYONE HAS ANY IDEAS ON THE CODE FOR THE DIALS PLEASE PUT FORWARD SUGGESTIONS!!!

any questions you wish to ask me you can add me on xbox live, gamertag is -- XSgt MuffinX
5 years ago#2
just wanted to add that wen my frends + i were playin i happened to find out that the steering wheel of the ship turns wen u press X (xbox) and that it has a different coloured handle to the rest (on the wheel). by the way i think i found that the those dials are all linked together so 1 controls all. + how bout 115 for the number seeing as that was the name of the song in kino de toten
5 years ago#3
hi its nice to see a reply!!
me and my friends tried 115 but there are 4 dials (1 on each level) and if you tun one dial the others turn with it so there must be a 4 digit number hidden in the map or in one of the radio messages. keep trying i will too. i will solve this lol :)
5 years ago#4
i also forgot to tell u that there are 3 as i can find fog horn things on the ground near the lighthouse that look like flyin saucer (they produce low level tones) could probably be something to do with getting the right note on all dials and fog horns + maybe turning that boat wheel
5 years ago#5
okay news just in - you can kill george. you can do it by upgrading the Scavenger and shooting as many rounds as you can into him :)
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