Completed Protoman Outfit!

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5 years ago#1
I guess you have to start a new game on your completed game save file for the Shield and Blaster to show up. If you click New Game + or just start playing sandbox on that file you won't get it, guess that is where I messed up the first time around.
5 years ago#2
It's still not showing up in sandbox mode though on the save file. I can wear all 4 pieces in Story, but the shield and blaster aren't there in sandbox. :(
5 years ago#3
The one big difference I noticed with the outfit is when you are wearing it, You fire two blasts from your cannon, if you just use the shield and blaster on another outfit it's a rapid fire four ball blast which seems smaller and weaker.
5 years ago#4
Well, now for some reason the next blaster I started using went the way it was going with the entire Protoman suit on, so really don't know anymore. ?????

Maybe I had used some of that blaster while I had the suit on or maybe it's just random.
5 years ago#5
I cant find a pic of it anywhereZ online...damn
5 years ago#6
Please post a pic of Frank using the blaster.
5 years ago#7
Ok, just got to remember my photobucket account. :(
5 years ago#8
Anyone have an online account somewhere to post pics? If so, pm me your email address and I'll send 2 pics one in safe house and one with the blaster going off.

I'll try to find my photobucket if it is still active, but can't remember log in or e-mail I used.
5 years ago#9
Use ImageShack, you don't need a account.
5 years ago#10
Ok they are uploaded. Sorry the blaster one isn't better, but trying to fire the blaster with one hand and take a picture with the other wasn't easy.
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