Completed Protoman Outfit!

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That's awesome!

Man, I can't wait until I can play this game.

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That looks freakin' awesome! It's making the wait for my copy almost unbearable (it's coming sometime today).
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It takes a lot of time to unlock it though. All you get are the boots for free. The Shield and Blaster you'll have to complete the entire game and get the S ending and starting another game with that finished file (NOT A NEW GAME +). You'll need to medal in all 30 challenges and You'll either need to save Jack and play poker with him (You don't have to win the match as long as you outlast Jack and he strips all the way down) or defeat him in Sandbox mode.
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That sucks the blaster only has 50 ammo. You can waste a lot of it if you hold the attack button. It should have unlimited, considering that you have beaten the game to death basically.

Thanks for the tip about starting a regular new game, luckily I had multiple saves.
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Wait, wait... For the Blaster And Shield you need to S-Rank (True Ending) the game, then afterwards start a new game (not new game+) on a seperate file where you would go back to level 1? Or do you just load from your S Ending save and play the game again without going to the New Game + prompts, I'm confused....
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Man Protoman didn't take Keiji Inafune leaving capcom all that well really let himself go...
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You click on the file as if you were going to load it and it automatically starts a fresh game and the shield and blaster should be there.
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So do you need to get an S ending or just any ending?
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htka posted...
Ok they are uploaded. Sorry the blaster one isn't better, but trying to fire the blaster with one hand and take a picture with the other wasn't easy.

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