How does one save co-op related Sandbox stuff?

#1GrimmTrixXPosted 6/13/2013 2:38:38 PM
Ok so i just played co-op for a few min with someone to test it out and to get the photo achievement with a co-op partner and when he left and i went to save.. it erased all my gold medals from Sandbox mode... Now luckiyl i figured something might happen so I made a 2nd copy of my sandbox save and sure enough I would've went NUTS.

So my question is, if I join a co-op game, and say we do gold co-op related stuff, how do I save it correctly? Should i have 2 slots used, one for single player golds and one for co-op golds? can i make that gold says 60 instead of 30? I assumed if i saved it would just save stats and cash and not overwrite my 30 golds to 0. So confused since I need to play sandbox to get the 30 golds in co-op BUT i kind of wanted a save with all 30 single challenges and all 30 co-op challenges and have it say 60 gold
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#2ZeratulthekingPosted 6/20/2013 7:27:20 AM
Reload your save and look at your medals what the display on screen is probably just showing the co-op related medals and not a full total.