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Anyone want to get some co-op achievements in any DR games?

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3 years ago#1
Ok so here's the scoop. I am on a mission to get every single dead rising related achievement before Dead Rising 3 in November. I already have 100% in DR1 and Case Zero. I am currently just going for the zombie genocider ones on my own, as they are all I have left for single player achievements, but i also need help on a bunch more involving co-op. So tonight, I am going to ask anyone here if you are up for any of these achievements tonight or future nights:

In Case West I only need:
- Double the fun (i need someone with a save near the end of the game so we can get it quick preferably but I will help you get any that we can get along the way if you need to play a bit longer from an earlier point)

In DR 2 I need:
- defeat 5 psychos in co-op (I'll play from any point in the game and help with any achievements I can along the way)
- revive partner in co-op (just lose your health and let me revive you and i'll do the same if you need it)

In DR2 OTR I need:
- Bronze on 10 challenges (if anyone just wants to play to get some bronzes for now I am down with that too)
- Bronze/Gold in all co-op challenges (I am up for helping anyone get these two done. I have all single player challenges finished so I know some ideas on how to get them done)

So this is all I need to get 100% for every DR game. So as I said, I will gladly help anyone with any other achievements that they need along the way as we go thru doing some of these.

If anyone is interested my gamertag is GrimmTrixX and I play on Xbox 360. I'll be playing in a few min for some genocider but whomever sends me a message just say something like "Case West co-op", "DR2 co-op" or "DR2OTR challenges" so I know and we can try for a bit.

I'd REALLY love help with case west first if possible since I only need 1 achievement for 100% but i'll take any co-op at this point.
XBL/PSN: GrimmTrixX
3 years ago#2
I am up for doing the Off the record co-op achievements.

I need all of em, the 5 psychos, take a picture of co-op partner and medal achievements.
GT: Zeratultheking

I will not be on for most of tonight, so probably best to do it tomorrow if you are on.
3 years ago#3
dude are you still up for it? i can be on at 9pm EST (5 min) if you want to play some co-op for DR 2OTR I am up for it. We could maybe do 5 psychos unless u wanna hop into some challenges. Some were hard as balls but we can get some easy ones out of the way
XBL/PSN: GrimmTrixX
3 years ago#4
Thanks for the help over the weekend. Had a blast and surprised we managed to do all the challenges in one session.
3 years ago#5
I could use some help getting some achievements. Gamertag is Gemini527. I'm on mostly at night.
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  3. Anyone want to get some co-op achievements in any DR games?

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