Which magazines do you always keep in your inventory?

#1ILuvKnivesPosted 9/26/2013 9:13:26 AM
If I'm playing Story Mode, I'll usually have the following three magazines at hand:

[LEADERSHIP] - It's nice not having to carry or give a shoulder to survivors who would normally require it. This also makes it easier to manage a bigger group of survivors. :-)

{Location} - Ragazines, Royal Flush Plaza, 2nd floor

[HEALTH 2] - It's great getting a huge healing boost to the standard food items like OJ and coffee creamer. It also comes in handy when you have to fight the giant toy towards the end of the game and you run out of the mixed drinks.

{Location} - Hungry Joe's Pizzeria, Top of freezer, Food Court

[BLADES] - I've really grown fond of the Katana Sword and the Battle Axe in DR2: OTR. With this magazine, I'm able to use these weapons longer than I can even the combo weapons.

{Location} - Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow newspaper stand, Royal Flush Plaza
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#2TheThirdDayPosted 9/28/2013 7:04:43 PM
I don't carry nearly as many books in 2/OtR as I did in 1. I pretty much only ever fight with combo weapons for the PP boosts, so weapon books are redundant and I just never bothered with food books because health is abundant (RHYMAGE: 100%). The only one I always carry is Rescue (+25% survivor PP; Bingo Parlor, Silver Strip) because saving survivors is where most of your PP comes from, so it helps you level up a lot faster. But sometimes I use Drinking and Gambling and, if I'm in the area and have any female survivors in toe or on my planned route, the Erotic Magazine.
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#3ILuvKnives(Topic Creator)Posted 10/2/2013 4:14:31 PM
Yeah, I don't need the Rescue magazine since you can just make a lot of Boomsticks in the Palisades Mall (preferably in Sandbox Mode) and earn 3,000 - 4,000 PP per strong attack. With all 3 Combat Magazines, the Boomstick Combo Card, and a piece of the Cosplay costume, you can easily get 4,250 PP for every 3-hit strong attack.
If playing X-Box 360 was a full-time job, I'd be having overtime everyday. (^_^)