Cammy's Unblockable Exhibition/Tutorial

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i love her so much!!!
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Don't most characters have that annoying jump over, do this kick, smack them from the other side with various combos thing?
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this is why she needs nerfs....
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Ther's a way to beat this...I'll figure it out.
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that sounded like a FLOWER (DJ yoshitaka) for a second there... Well, he probably used some of the same beats from it.

Anyway, bandwagoning

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Chain_Strike posted...
Ther's a way to beat this...I'll figure it out.

Maybe. Maybe not. Some unblockables are just that, unblockable only but unsafe. Some work like safe jumps. Some work so that they make your move whiff. Depends on the character.

The only way to beat them is to:

SRK (which takes care of the safe jump ones, unless they OS your SRK with a more invincible move).

Delayed SRK (which should beat the ones that make it least it works that way for some Ibuki mixups).

Block on the last frame before it hits you (just-blocking, proven to be the only way to block an unblockable).

Sometimes backdash or maybe teleport but you can get OSed.

Counterpick in the hopes that the setups against this character are impractical/ there's a good matchup there for you.

Too many options to consider on the fly unless you know the specifics of Cammy. I dunno man. I'm against nerfs, but a patch to take out unblockables wouldn't hurt...
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