What characters do you play?

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User Info: slaynman

4 years ago#11
Hakan is my main, I use Dan and just dabble with a couple other characters.
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User Info: TJ_17_

4 years ago#12
Mains: blanka, Abel
Next up probably guile don't really play any others.
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User Info: 313Archer

4 years ago#13
Bison, but I've dabbled in a few other characters.

User Info: RyuuHou25

4 years ago#14
Cammy, Rose, Sagat, Akuma, Ken

I main Cammy though, so like 95% of my time is with her.
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User Info: KINGR1P

4 years ago#15
I forgot about Juri.
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User Info: TBSMookfisher

4 years ago#16
Main: Yun, Balrog
Sub: Cody, Bison, Ryu, Evil Ryu, Vega, Rose
SSFIV: Balrog/Yun/Cody
Playing: Tales of Graces F, Guild Wars 2, SSFIV:AE

User Info: datdudeMcCoy

4 years ago#17
Well I guess I still main honda even tho I've only used thunderhawk for last few weeks..

I can mess around wit dee jay, ken, oni, ibuki, adon
main-honda. sub-thunderhawk.
WHO DEY!!!!!!!

User Info: xXKira_KiraXx

4 years ago#18
Mains: Makoto and Ryu
Subs: Gouken and Evil Ryu

I'm enjoying E. Ryu more then before.
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