What are "low tier" characters that have good matchups against "high tiers"

#11Red MinotaurPosted 2/3/2013 5:53:09 PM
Seth's only bad MUs against low tier are Guy and possibly Hakan. Rest of his bad MUs are all high tier.

And lol at that eventhubs tier list. Sakura not in top 10? Hakan as 2nd last? Viper being 2nd? FFS Adon and Ibuki below Gat? You can't even look at the chart for individual numbers, it's wrong everywhere.
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Patriarch105 posted...
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Here is the tier list. Press CTRL+F and put 6 in the find bar.

Guy and Sakura vs Seth for example.

That's outdated though. Things have changed with 2012 patch.

That IS the v2012 patch. Notice how Yun and yang arn't S tier. Which is represented by the color gray. That's the latest tier list for this game. SSF4:AE v.2012.

The list is almost a year old. SRK made a much better, more recent one, though it still wasnt the best made list I've ever seen
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we saw Infiltration counterpick with Hakan, I think that match is bad for Sim?
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#14TBSMookfisherPosted 2/4/2013 8:18:09 AM
Viper being 2nd?

Don't see what's wrong with that position. She's tied with Cammy for 2nd, and Akuma is only 1 point behind them. You could honestly say that the top 5 are tied for 1st place. I definitely think that those are the best 5 characters in the game though.
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#15Red MinotaurPosted 2/6/2013 12:36:33 PM
Sak is like Viper but trades Seismo for one of the best normal sets in the game and MUCH stronger setup game. Wherever Viper is on the list, Sak deserves to be higher.
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