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anime (Archived)Mecasonic198612/10/2014
Question about Costumes (Archived)cthulhucometh11/11/2014
Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Track Problem. (Archived)ryan_yu_10114/17/2013
To Support Localization (Archived)ShinobiMuramasa110/10/2012
Hahahahha!.... I'm stupid... (Archived)Kaze_Memaryu39/11/2012
Help us bring Senran Kagura to America and Europe! (Archived)
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Characters stats (Archived)akuma2002fr18/10/2012
The boxart gave me a raging... (Archived)coocoo4cocopops27/15/2012
Import issues? (Archived)CaptMotorcycle57/15/2012
Title no. 25? How am I supposed to get this one? (Archived)Odinfan16/15/2012
Senran Kagura Spark (?) official website opens and new sexy pics (Archived)numberrrr24/28/2012
New prize for Senran Kagura Burst! (photos) (Archived)
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article goes into more detail of Senran Kagura Burst's story and protagonists (Archived)xenosaga12364/23/2012
Character Route (Archived)shinaries44/23/2012
new Senran Kagura video (Archived)numberrrr74/23/2012
A sequel is coming (Archived)Dr_Koopa7624/22/2012
Fanart and reports of a TV show (Archived)numberrrr34/22/2012
I will be disappointed if this doesn't come out in North America (Archived)
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Senran Kagura Burst (2) Magazine scan (Archived)
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So, Now there's gonna be an Ikaruga Dakimakura and mouse pad (Archived)MuteProtagonist44/5/2012
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