Any chance this game will at least be semi-enjoyable?

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  3. Any chance this game will at least be semi-enjoyable?
4 years ago#1
^See topic^
4 years ago#2

No it will be bacon

4 years ago#3

What kind of question is that????? well its risen two. did you play one?? if you played one, you kinda know what its going to be like.

Did you watch the videos for it, they give lots of clues.

so to answer your question, and of course its my opinion, I would say YES.

What I worry about, is how hard it will be. some of the duals you fight one on one, you might need quick reflexes, to block, and parry, and combo attack. Quick button pushing, and quick reflexes.

I SUCK at stuff like this. I have fingers like sausages, so they are not quick, except for grabbing a hand full of chips.

I also worry about bugs. with what happend to skyrim, im kinda Bug-shy now. so it really depends, on what you like, and how much quality there is in the game.

so far what I have seen, it looks GOOD!!!!

Good luck.
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4 years ago#4
I checked out the first Risen when I worked at Gamestop. I practically had to, customers kept asking about it. And get this: neither the case or manual had a single screenshot. I seriously couldn't tell what genre it was! So, took it home, and it became one of my favorite rpgs. The combat was terribly simplistic, but the locations and day to night cycle were pretty mind blowing. I only miss three games from selling my Billybox. This, Metro 2033, and Magna Carta2.
Casually Hardcore.
4 years ago#5
First one was great, this looks even better. I'm sure i'll enjoy it.
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4 years ago#6
This game is looking solid so far. I've got it preordered.
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3 years ago#7
Semi Enjoyable? Risen 1 was one of the best RPG's of the decade. This looks to improve on that by a lot!
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3 years ago#8
some people dont like the first on because it dosent hold youre hand and has actuall combat
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  3. Any chance this game will at least be semi-enjoyable?

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