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3 years ago#1
My local game store has it listed for a September release.

Scroll down and you can see that both the PS3 and 360 versions are pushed to 9 / 2012.
I don't mind actually. If they can improve the quality of the console versions, then that's fine.
I'll be busy with Dragon's Dogma in May anyway! :)
3 years ago#2
Sorry, forgot to add link. lol
3 years ago#3

I think this is a europe site. they might be releasing it at different times in different places. I would think it there got pushed back, we would hear more about it. not this one site.

are you talking NA relase or Europe??

Thank you for sharing.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan.
3 years ago#4
Yes, it's a dutch site. But i cant see why they would only push it to September for Europe. It's a long while.
3 years ago#5
These types of games always get delayed forever.
Jack Thompson is so disbarred, he's not even allowed to practice the law of gravity. - Kotomo
3 years ago#6
well gamestop(NA) now has a placeholder date of july 31st so who the hell knows.
3 years ago#7

REALLY?? where and how did gamestop get that date?? Im not sure they are on the inside track of anything. I know its a big organization, prolly bigger then any of us realize, but im not sure game companies are calling them up, giving them the inside track.

I dont mind if games get pushed back, or delayed. I would rather have a good game, then a flawed one. AKA Skyrim on ps3. But I would want SOME information and hype. A demo would be nice. More videos, or interviews, and or game previews.

it seems like Youtube videos are cheap. They just about HYPE them selves. Being a game PR man/person can't be THAT tough, can it.

thank you for this information.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan.
3 years ago#8
i didn't say that the gamestop date was the official date, i said they moved it back and now have a placeholder date. It is not a good indication that most sites are now pushing the date back when its been at may 22nd is all i was posting. Friend.
3 years ago#9
My computer at work (gamestop) now says 8/2/12

Not sure how accurate this is.
3 years ago#10

The console versions of the game have been delayed to 30th july for US, and 3 august for europe.

Source for US :

Source Europe (biggest french website ):


Both of those, with news today reporting the same thing.

Pc release date is unchanged though.

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