Very happy with the lack of cowards lately.

#1keil97Posted 8/18/2012 8:52:03 PM
Some of you may remember me complaining about cowards a few times this season. Some said I must have lost one too many games. Well I am happy to say I can barely find a glitcher, excessive dangler, crosby or ovechkin fanboy, or any other ridiculous loser of a player that I hate playing against since a few weeks after playoffs ended. Almost every game I play is against someone who clearly appreciates real hockey and plays like a hockey fan not a hardcore gamer. My record is WORSE since noticing this change, but I am having WAY more fun than when 2/3 of the games I played were against some coward. Thank you to like 95% of the players I've played the past few weeks. Great games. Hope others are noticing what I am.
#2madgreg666Posted 8/20/2012 10:10:36 AM
EASHL? I had to stop 2s and 3s because of the glitchgoals. Game is broken...Well, 2 out three games are broken that is. Home ice is crap. So sick of momentum and on top of that my goalie lets same post glitch in 3 times in a period. Then they watch every replay.. Id rather lose by 5 goals cause I sucked, than 1 glitch goal in OT
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