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3 years ago#1
I'm completely lost here. I have a blast playing EASHL, its a lot of fun, but its so rare to get a "good" game. I have a very touchy schedule where I'm actually able to play, sometimes I can go up to 2 weeks without playing at all, other times I can play several nights in a row. Its really random, and because of it I can't really join a club because of how inconsistent my schedule is so I am pretty much stuck with pick up games.

I'm actually a pretty good player of the game in general, my online vs record is something like an 80% win rate. I'm not amazing, but like I said I'm pretty good, I definitely know how to play the game and play any position (save for goalie).

The problem I have is that people just never seem to play as a team and I can't do everything. As much as I hate to blame my team, I really don't think there's much else I can do. Its just a vicious circle of I can do one thing well for my position, but the rest of the team doesn't do their jobs. So for example, if I play....

Centre - I win faceoffs (at least ~75%), and set up screens in front, set up my wingers.
Wing - I get into good scoring spots, and try to work the cycle and find open ice.
Defense - Take away the cross crease, play "good defense" (not sure how else to say it, I rarely have more than 1-2 goals scored against me when I'm on D).

However even when I'm doing all of these things, my team seems to do the following when I play...

Centre - Wingers can't score, even on some great chances I set them up for, don't pass the puck and defense can't play D.
Winger - Defense is the most porous ever, giving up several 2 on 1's and breakaways. I don't get passes in great scoring chances.
Defense - my offense cannot score, I can hold the other team to 1-2 goals but my team can't seem to get more than 1 goal themselves.

So I'm at a loss here. Granted this is just "most of the time" when this stuff happens. I'd say 4/5 games I get the above to happen. The other 1/5 is great, my team plays like a team and actually passes the puck and we get some goals. I just feel like there's something else I should be doing. I hate playing like a selfish player, I love passing the puck and working the cycle and I'm not one of the people who ever goes around 1v5ing the other team with dekes and stuff, I like playing like a real hockey game and a team, and when it works it works well. Unfortunately with pick up games, everyone seems to think they are a scorer, as well as the only player on the team.

Anyone have tips for doing better in drop in games?
3 years ago#2
notta a thing you can do really.

i think everyone fustrated wit it, i know iam, all i need is a SO to hit L2 and damm if ill get it in drop ins or without leaving my club.

if you want on a team add me, cant promise any positions tho
PSN - tripZ504
3 years ago#3
Sorry TC, there is not much advice that can be given to you, as we all know your struggles! If you have a mic, try using that and only playing in games where almost everyone on your team has a mic as well. While I'm not saying that people with mics are better players, there is that option of open communication during that game that can help create the teamwork you seek. Joining a club and playing with the same people on a regular basis is nice, but if you have never played club games, that opens up a brand new can of worms.

Club games are basically 90% teams that score cheap, or "glitch goals" as people have come to call them, and don't exactly play in a true hockey style, i.e. cycling the puck in the zone, playing the backcheck, etc...

I don't want to bash the community, I have met tons of fun people on here, more so than any other multiplayer game as a matter of fact. Most of the community is a younger, mature crowd, I would say aged between 20 and 30 years old. My club is not very active at the moment, or I would gladly send you an invite to join us. If people start playing again and you are interested I will send you an invite.
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