Enough is Enough (issues with onlne)

#1Mayne313Posted 2/20/2012 8:24:58 AM
I waited to get til around Christmas to get this game on purpose because when it first game out I heard how many problems the game had and once the patch was released I went and grabbed it, My first month of online play was goin pretty good, I would win some and lose some but the games I lost were good games and the person I was playing usually played fair and str8 up. This past month has been ridiculous with the way people abuse exploits or cheat to win in this game, whether its the spamming of the steal button, that unstoppable spin animation move to the basket where they either get the foul or the bucket or both. The blocks, no matter if i hit em with the pump fake 1st take a dribble past them and some how they still manage to block my shot. I know I dont suck and I dont think that I should learn how to cheat to beat people, but 2K has to do something about this, it makes the game unreal and not fun to play at times when people just abuse the exploits all game. The 3 pointers are still terrible in this game, it seems like all you have to do is jack em up and eventually they'll start to fall. Just about everybody I play against online shoots about 30-40 threes a game and makes about 45-50% of em which is just unreal. Also IDK if this happens to anybody else, but say if I use a man to run and trap a player and its a player near me thats open, when they pass to him and take a shot, its hard as heck to close out on him and Im running towards him, kinda like my guy is on a treadmill, he's moving but not goin nowhere and when that happens 9 times outta 10 they make the shot and I've noticed that even playin against the CPU. Its like the game punishes you for trapping, some times when I know im to far away to close out on the shooter that i left open thats my fault, but when im 2-3ft away from a player I should be able to switch back.

Is it just me or is the ISO motion awful on here too? I try to do a few dribble moves with good ball handlers and sometimes my guy will just drop the ball and stand there while the other team picks up the ball. Also with the steal button spammers they just run around mashing the steal button and run right into my guy and I lose the ball which is just BS. The bumping in this game is unreal too, i understand making contact but I shouldnt get past somebody and touch their hip and get knocked back in front of em so I cant beat them off the dribble Its so much frustrating stuff in this game thats pissin me off right now, and I only play online so these issues are pretty big for me, anyone else having any issues with online play?
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I feel your pain dude. I feel your pain.
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you forgot about the people who alley oop all the time
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Yea, this game kind of sucks online. Sometimes they'll take an erratic hook shot when they should clearly go for a dunk or layup. I could go on all day about the crappiness of this game online but meh, it can be fun too.

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I noticed that if you're standing near an ai player that is guarded by one of your teammates, the game counts this as 'being open' and he makes his shot. It's really annoying and unrealistic. I also heard that you can't set team rotations online like you could in other 2K basketball games, which is a horrible design flaw if true.
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