Goody's fundamental hall of fame sliders(realistic simulation sliders)

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4 years ago#11

K thanks for posting them, I'll try them out.


4 years ago#12
If you're not as experienced a player or you just like a higher scoring game, try these minor changes.

Hall of fame(any really, I just like hof), 50 speed, 12 mins, real shooting percentage for both(if you're missing too many shots you can switch regular shooting to shot stick, just keep fts at percentage), and 60 ft difficulty(lowered so its easier to make your fts early on in your career or with weaker players)

Offense 60 55 50 45 60 40 33 47 60 33
Defense 70 85 25 25
Attributes 50 35 50 50 50 75 50 50 50 50 55 45 50 50 80 20 35 50 50 40 35
Tendencies 85 80 75 70 50 90 100 50 50 50 50 50 95
Fouls 100 100 80 75 70 100
4 years ago#13
The problem for me is the CPU still lights me up from deep. I play these games until the end of the 1st quarter.

They routinely put up 30 where as I'm lucky to break 10. The problem I find is that I turnover way more than the AI... and that's no fault of my own that's a fault of the game.

Thanks for the advice on the sliders... I'm going to tweak them. I went 0/7 in my last game from behind the line... with the '01-'02 Kings no less. All the shots on these sliders are F's so hopefully this will fix that.

And before I go... 6/17 from the floor isn't a bad game at all... that's over 33% shooting... I think that's better than Kobe.
4 years ago#14
Im on a couple different sites fielding comments on these. I'll prolly be posting a tweak soon enough(next couple of days). Once issues are brought up, I can try to isolate what causes them and fix them as best as I can. I think I may have fixed turnovers but Im not sure, still testing. once i have I'll be sure to post my newest version of these sliders.

But yeah, you should always tweak sliders to your own needs, you just use ones like these as a base to work from. Its just better to wait a couple games like you have to see whats working for you and whats not.

It'll never be perfect so all we can seek is progress....

As for the threes, dont contest them by running straight at them(or any jumpshot for that matter). You should always be jumping at them from one side to the other if you understand what I mean. You're either shading them on their right and jump across their body(left) or vice versa. This forces the cpu to readjust during their shot and causes more misses.

Also you cant be too far away from 3 point threats(or scorers in general). You need to be pretty much right on them, not a lot of space. It's better to be beat inside by someone else's guy(because you're manning up), than to give up the open 3 to the guy you're versing(because you want to help your teammate. Even if he's just a competent shooter(not only 3pt specialists), you need to stay on your man.

This is also where KYP and KTS become important acronyms to understand. KNOW YOUR PERSONNEL(the people on your team and the opponents who are on the court), And KNOW THE SITUATION. Know how much time is left in the quarter half and game. Know how much time is on the shot clock if you're whether you're on offense or defense. Know where the mismatchs are Like a big on a small in the post). Know what your opponent(and more importantly who you're guarding) is good enough at as well as what they cant do. If they're a big behind the 3 and he cant even shoot a medium range shot, you're nowhere near that guy. But If its a streaky shooter who gets hot anywhere on the court, you dont even let him touch the ball!

In these cases, when you're versing a 3 pt threat or shooter/scorer, he's your only priority. It doesnt matter if your big is getting beat up in the post, he never leaves your sight/side.
4 years ago#15
Bump for an update on this. My PG in MyPlayer has a hard time getting assists, easiest way I've found is to drive to the basket and have someone cut to the basket at the same time. Even when I tell Durant to post up, he usually takes a second to long to shoot the ball for the assist.

Very frustrating.
4 years ago#16
ft difficulty at 70 seems pretty good to me. I use real percentage but you are welcome to use shot stick timing.

Offense 50 49 48 47 52 47 42 60 60 33
Defense 70 80 25 30
Attributes 45 40 35 70 75 80 45 50 45 55 50 50 75 65 100 0 40 60 40 35 30
Tendencies 80 75 70 65 85 90 100 45 50 40 55 60 95
Fouls 100 100 80 75 70 100

Fixed team 3pt percentage, fixed turnovers, steals, assists. More scoring and consistency, less difficulty in the clutch. Usually get games where one is in the 100s the other is 90s, or 80 to 90, have seen some 75-90 games. Might be a little too much scoring and too little rebounding but its about as good as I can do at the moment. I'll get back on these once the deadline is over and I have a "final" roster to enjoy.

Also, go to presentation and turn off the player cuts after baskets(not the replays but when you see a guy shrug because he thought he got fouled). They are both set to occasionally out of the box but you dont want these camera cuts to players as they ruin fast breaks after shots. Keep replays if you like them though as its fun to take a break and admire the dunks.

These will probably be the last update to these until after the trade deadline. Enjoy!
4 years ago#17
guna try these out, will re-post in a few days with results!
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4 years ago#18
I used these sliders last night. I must say it was more fun to play with than the default sliders. I play on pro because I haven't played a 2k series on a regular basis since 2k9. I also play on 5 min quarters since i just play exhibition games mostly. All three games I played was fairly close and I won the first two.

I must say it is hard to have a good shooting percentage with guards in this game, any tips? First game I was the clippers and won because of Blake even though CP3 had a bad game. Second game I was the Knicks and Amare kept us in the game til Carmelo exploded in the second half.

Third game was the most frustrating. I was the Lakers and had a very small lead for most of the game until I got shot happy with Kobe. End result kobe had 23 points on 8-22 shooting even though Bynum had 19 on 8-11 shots. Gawd dammit that even mirrors what has been happening in real life lol.

So far I like these sliders. Good job man
4 years ago#19
Oh yeah I forgot about the game where I played as the Thunder. Durant is so beast-mode. Had a bad shooting night with Westbrook though but still won the game.
4 years ago#20
I Love these settings good job my man.
XBL TAG: MikeLowe4587
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