Is it common to lose basically every game in My Player (All-Star Difficulty)?

#1JohnnySomethingPosted 5/6/2012 2:12:10 AM
I'm an Athletic (6'7") PG, currently a 66 overall, and a starter. Got drafted by the Wizards. Didn't really want to co-exist with John Wall, so asked for a trade. During my time with the Wizards we went 1-6. But, hey, it's the Wizards. I figured as much.

Went to the Pacers (they gave up Louis Amundson+1st rd pick to get me). I'm thinking I've got a decent team now. Nope. I lose essentially every single game. The Pacers were 5-3 when I got there. We are now 6-20.

Now just to clarify I'm not playing like crap, within reason. I usually get like a B or so team-mate grade, at absolute worst. My scoring is crap due to no real shooting touch yet, but I still can manage around 10-15 points a game (not taking a lot of shots), 7-14 assists or so, a couple of rebounds, and usually a block or two and a steal or two. My only issue personally is turnovers. I've been pumping up off-hand dribble (now an 85), ball security (now an 80), and passing (now a 77) like crazy and it really hasn't gotten a whole lot better. I'm getting like 3 to 4 turnovers a game, on my best days. And when it goes horribly I'll get like 7 or 8. And no, I'm not trying to dribble around the court like a lunatic holding turbo the entire time. But turnovers aside, that has nothing on the glory of my opposition and the "glory" of my teammates.

If an opposing player can even remotely shoot, he is the second coming of the God of basketball. And if he has a 3 pt. icon... well, then he's guaranteed to shoot around 70% from deep.If he's a superstar, automatic 40 point game. Which, sure, that's what they do. But every superstar does it to me every time? I highly doubt the odds would support that. And even that wouldn't be so bad... if my team-mates hadn't fallen into a coma. They're just... stupid. There's no way around it. Half the time Carmelo's dropping 40 on me it's because my team-mates apparently don't know defense. It's like the game handicaps my team-mates, while making every player on the other team like 50% better than they could ever hope to be in real life.

Uh... but yeah. Rant over. I'm just wondering if I just suck or something. I did switch the game style to Simulation (instead of 'default'), and now instead of losing by 20-30, I tend to lose by 10-15 instead. So, yeah. That's something. I don't want to drop the difficulty to Pro, because then I'll probably start winning every single game, and that's no fun either.
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In my opinion the game is a bit one sided when you raise the difficulty. First I played Pro/Default, won every game. Bumped it up to AllStar/Sim, the CPU was just unstoppable and Melo couldn't shoot to save his life. Now I'm playing HoF/Sim for the last few games. It seems a little more even, but the advantage is still blatant when Melo misses a wide open 2 and right after that Rondo hits a jumper in your face.

Did you at least try Pro/Sim? If not, give it a shot.
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All-star/sim seems to be about right.

My method with difficulty is to raise it once you are winning by 20+ after a few games as your player gets better.

And yes, for some reason, all my player type modes in sports games think that making your teammates brain damaged is what people want. Makes no sense. For instance, if you want to play like Kendrick Perkins as a C on the Thunder GL. I played 20 or so games on HoF just letting everybody else do everything offensively while I played good D and rebounded. 2-18.

Keep at it, just get used to having to be MJ on crack.

I have a C on the Sixers who can only win when I score 60+ a game and a PG on the Lakers where we only win if I get Kobe 30+ and I get 20/20 points and assists.
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I mean, I try to keep MP realistic. I hate seeing myself average 50 PPG, 5 RPG, 1 APG on xx shooting etc. So I try to be a team player and keep it realistic with my point forward. We lose 90% of our games though.
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#5JohnnySomething(Topic Creator)Posted 5/6/2012 5:39:35 PM
Alright, thanks I guess. I'll try a game or two on Pro/Sim just to see how it goes. I had just figured since I went to a solid Pacer team that I wouldn't have to be MJ reincarnated.

I try to set people up, but honestly Danny Granger and Paul George never seem to do much. I can set them up with wide open 3's and they never want to shoot... honestly I do better dishing to David West and Roy Hibbert all the time, and actually they're the top two scorers on the team because apparently only the big men will take advantage of my passing.

But, all good, worst case I'll just plow through until I get good enough to carry my team I guess. Hopefully we'll get a good pick in the draft (I think they traded next year's first for me, and not this year's.) or something.

As for the turnover issues, I'm just guessing that's more or less an issue with the game on the whole? I've noticed playing regular games that 2k12 is really turnover-happy. Most of my turnovers are me messing up a dribble move and then just bumping into a guy wrong... and of course that makes me drop the ball like my player heard it was infected with the plague. I try to be careful as much as possible but sometimes it just comes in runs of 3 or 4 turnovers in like 2 minutes.
#6josefreesPosted 5/6/2012 6:45:48 PM
Turnovers aren't too big of a problem once you get used to dribbling if you are making good passes. The first thing I upgrade is passing to the max to minimize that.

If I go on a bender an play this game for hours I can keep my turnovers less than 5. If I dont play for a while I can get close to 10. Just remember that each turnover could possibly be a 4 to 6 point problem (don't score on your possession [2-3 points off your score] and they score off the turnover [2-3 points]).

And you don't have to be MJ per se but you gotta be somebody--MJ, Magic, Wilt. Just fitting in doesn't seem to work. I have a PG just like yours. I pretty much average 20 points, 10 assists, 6 rebounds, 5 steals.

If you want your players to play better you have to look at their tendencies and/or hotspots.
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#7JohnnySomething(Topic Creator)Posted 5/6/2012 7:04:34 PM
Well my passing is fine now that I've gotten it over a 70. I might screw up 1, 2 passes a game maximum. 90% of the time it's my dribbling that causes my turnovers because I'll dribble myself into a crowd and my guy will either just straight up drop the ball because I 'bumped' somebody or somebody will come over and poke it out (which, while I'm on it, they almost never get called for a foul while doing). I'll admit some of it's me not being as careful as I could be, but I do know how to do dribble moves and all that. Half the time I'm getting robbed of the ball I had tried to pass like 2 seconds beforehand but it just doesn't go through.

And yes, those stats I listed a few posts ago are more or less the minimums that I will get, under my worst-game circumstances. I'm probably in the same ballpark as you, probably only getting like 2 steals a game, though, but I also get 1 or 2 blocks a game also.

As for tendencies and hotspots, I had hoped that since both Granger and George had 3 pt. icons they'd have enough sense to shoot open 3's. Although I do know George is athletic and likes to drive in for dunks a lot... and Granger seems to prefer the midrange game.
#8JohnnySomething(Topic Creator)Posted 5/6/2012 7:12:43 PM
iDevon posted...
In my opinion the game is a bit one sided when you raise the difficulty. First I played Pro/Default, won every game. Bumped it up to AllStar/Sim, the CPU was just unstoppable and Melo couldn't shoot to save his life. Now I'm playing HoF/Sim for the last few games. It seems a little more even, but the advantage is still blatant when Melo misses a wide open 2 and right after that Rondo hits a jumper in your face.

Did you at least try Pro/Sim? If not, give it a shot.

And, sorry, I didn't catch that before... are you saying you're having a better time on HoF/Sim than you had on All Star/Sim? That makes no sense to me.
#9invaderjim17Posted 5/8/2012 6:06:55 PM
you just gotta learn to play the game.

it doesn't matter what position you play, you MUST be the one holding the ball because when 2k called it "my player", it literally means your player has to do everything; from passing to open man to running the break to help defending all your teammates.

also, if your average 15ppg, 7-14 assist, how in the world are you losing every game with the pacers? D.West is 80-90% from midrange when he gets an open look. Granger is 40-50% from 3 when opened. George can catch alleys and can shoot 30-40% from 3.

Hibbert is so dominant in this game due to the lack of good centers; just pass to him when he's inside, he will do some cheesy fake and score majority of the time and you get a quick assist

i know because i played on the pacers on my 6'7 all around PG
i averaged 12 ppg 12 apg 3 rpg 6 spg and a ridiculous 5 TOs( i had not gotten less than 4 turnovers a game for the last 20 games or so, yet i win majority of my games.)
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#10JohnnySomething(Topic Creator)Posted 5/8/2012 10:11:21 PM
Like I said, I'm pretty sure I have a good grasp on how to play the game. I just don't think there's literally anything more I can personally do or control (at least until my rating improves). As stated, I lose because no one on my team plays defense and when they do it doesn't matter. Anyone who can shoot at all has a career game against us every time they play us. And if I run to help them (which I do sometimes anyway), half the time they just pass to the guy I left for an automatic bucket. So that's a lose-lose situation.

As I also stated, my two main options are Hibbert and West, they're the top two scorers on my team. George, on the other hand, -never- shoots the open 3's I get him looks for. And neither does Granger for that matter. They tend to just try and dribble around even if I've set them up perfectly for a spot-up 3, or a spot-up shot in general. Again, though, I would say the problem is mostly the computer just shooting godly percentages moreso than anything our offense is/isn't doing. I have also dropped my turnovers a bit. Now I generally hang around the 3-5 range, with the rare (and getting rarer) horrible game of 7 or so turnovers.

Although I do think our team loses something when they try and put me at SG and bring Collison off the bench. I'm praying for us to trade away Collison at some point, he makes horrible decisions. Almost always tries to drive the lane and shoot over, for example, the Tyson Chandler types.

The only thing I can think of is the pacers traded away Louis Amundson to get me. While he's wasn't anything special the Pacers have almost no Bigs anymore. They've got West, Hibbert, Hansbrough, and that 44-rated Center Fresenko or whatever his name is (actually plays better than I expected him to, though).

But as a result of that, when they throw me at SG they usually end up throwing in Granger at PF (and Barbosa at SF?!?!?). And West plays a lot of Center... which I don't like, because West doesn't really have defense. I'd rather see Hansbrough at Center, but alas.

So, maybe I just hope we trade away Collison/some guard and get some depth at PF or C? We are loaded at both guards (Me, Collison, George Hill, A.J. Price, Paul George, Leandro Barbosa and maybe someone I'm forgetting)... so that hurts.

Oh well, if it doesn't pan out too well then I'll just ask for a trade sometime next year and see how crappy my next team is.

But yeah, that was the whole point of this topic. Trying to figure out how I'm on a solid team, not playing like complete crap, and yet we lose. And lose. And lose.