Need advice for playing as a SF in My Player

#1shellbullet55Posted 1/24/2012 5:32:17 PM
I usually play as a PG, but I wanted to switch it up this time. I feel as though I don't play the position correctly all the time as a SF and my team is playing worse because of it (besides all the regular ridiculousness that MP can be at times). Anyone have some tips I could use?
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#2south_narutoPosted 1/24/2012 7:01:01 PM
I also play SF, I am a point forward, I based my character off Lebron James, so im mainly taking mid-range shots and trying to drive on the inside, while also trying to get my teammates involved. My character is also 6'9 so i can pretty much play every postion but Center.
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#3shellbullet55(Topic Creator)Posted 1/26/2012 2:11:13 AM
I have a 6'8 Athletic SF, but I pretty much play like a Point Forward too (do a lot of everything). I'm planning to be a Durant-like player that can shoot 3's too. I wouldn't have to play like Lebron if my teammates actually played smarter though. Maybe I need to turn plays on.
"Amazing how some people get so upset over frequently asked questions on a site for frequently asked questions." ~TreGooda
#4jadakiss88Posted 1/26/2012 10:32:08 AM
I have played as a SG or a SF, my advice to you is focus on defense of course get your vertical up and on ball defense. I say work on your defense first because you will be guarding alot of Atheltic Shooting Guards and Small Forwards. Develop your mid range shot since early on they probably won't check you too tight. I have a 95 rating for mid range and the computer still doesn't play me tight.

If your vert is up you will also have a better time contesting shots and grabbing boards. At Small Forward aslong as your not a me, me, me player and you figure out what your teammates are good at you will have a bunch of opportunites to stuff the stat sheet. I am the leading scorer on the Clippers (Playing with Lockout Rosters) but I only average 27 ppg my entire focus is stuffing the stat sheet each and every game.

Things like dunks and speed like usual can actually wait for a year or too ( of course moving it up in small increments here and there never hurts)
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