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FishBelly13 posted...
lmmfao You just want to blow this up into something it's not, sooooo bad, don't you?

I'm blowing it up because it NEEDS to be addressed. Online has become so corrupted that now everyone is doing it. I can literally find no games where my opponent plays fairly and does not use some kind of exploit.

Take an online FPS, for example. People can camp and easily pick off people from the opposing starting point. The game let's you do this, but is it morally right? No, it's not. This is the same for exploits in this game.
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What a martyr you are.
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Torcher fish is a troll, but the same way you asume he sucks and exploits this game, we can assume you have no idea how to defend the lead pass, so much so, you made a topic crying about it on gfaqs. See how easy that is?

Second, this is a video game. If you believe this game is even remotely close to real life play (or any sports title for thst matter) you seriously have no clue about sports. My point is in a game you are going to have cheesers, and exploits no matter what you do. Unless they remove user control, and make online sim play, its going to happen. That doesn't mean they should remove features because ppl abuse them. Many of the exploits in this game are counterable, and ish if the person you are playing is a cheeser, just quit the match if you dislike it so.

Lead pass is a great feature, because I hated how in older 2k titles you passed the ball and the player stayed frozen in place, caught the ball, and then took off running, giving the defender a headstart to stop the break, or recover and eliminate an open lane. And the funny thing is, ppl abused that online as well! Playing lax defense because they knew they could always recover.

So take out exploitable lead pass, for exploitable freeze pass. Whats the difference?!?
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1 epic fail in a day wasn't enough for you? You need to bump more dead topics with responses that show you have no clue about basketball and hate anyone who does!