*snrk* Anyone else mistaken Yuri as a girl at first?

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  3. *snrk* Anyone else mistaken Yuri as a girl at first?
3 years ago#1

Apparently Mike was. The story behind it is hilarious.

And you know what? Yuri has a lot of....subtexts with Toren, Berkut, and Veda. Make him a girl will lead fangirls to ship him with those three. Although him staying male would make the..."another kind" of fangirls go wild.

So, anyone else mistaken him as a girl at first?
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3 years ago#2
Guilty as charged. But then I thought "This is Ragnarok, all chicks in armor wear skirts".
3 years ago#3
Same, I thought he was a girl at first and continue to do that for 4 chapters, until my brother points out to me that he was a guy, I am like "WHAT"...
3 years ago#4
I did. I felt really bad when I read that he was a male. The first time it's stated is without him around, so I assumed maybe they thought he was male but was really female.

Of course I was wrong. I tend to be with characters who look feminine.
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3 years ago#5
Also since his name is "Yuri" which means girl x girl relationship on eroges.
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3 years ago#6
3 years ago#7
Yes, he does look like a girl trying to pass as a man, doesn't really fit his class at all.
3 years ago#8
When I first saw his char portrait, yeah.
But then on the first battle his char sprite was a male Lord Knight so I was..."Okaaayy"
Nice "trap" though...XD
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3 years ago#9
i still think that she's a female in male armor...she's wearing a breastplate (pun intended; the point is moot tho), speaking her best to sound male *cough*Mulan*cough*, and that's all that matters.

....can't....accept... orz
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3 years ago#10
The portrait had me fooled until I saw his ("her" at the time) status screen (male).
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  3. *snrk* Anyone else mistaken Yuri as a girl at first?

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