Special Burst Strike Topic

#1MoliviousPosted 11/19/2012 4:42:54 PM
Just got a list of all their names, lulz. Was wanting to create a topic (like my previous one) to unlock the ones we have yet to know

Reflect Heal -
Accuracy Carnival -
Gaia's Punishment -
Poison Raid -
Spirit Arrow
Dancing Force
Dark Torrent
Pulverizing Sound
Power Seal
Poison Tamer
Aura Blitz
Noble Fire
Destiny Bond
Gaia Obtain
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#2Molivious(Topic Creator)Posted 11/19/2012 5:45:57 PM(edited)
2-unit Burst Strike
Reflect Heal - High Priest + Paladin
Accuracy Carnival - Jonda + Kafra
Gaia's Punishment - White Smith + High Wizard
Poison Raid - Assassin + Lord Knight
Spirit Arrow - Shaman + Sniper (?)
Dancing Force - Champion + Dancer
missing: Clown + Dark Knight (?) (all others made appeared)

3- unit Burst Strike
Dark Torrent - Dark Knight + Champion + Sniper
Pulverizing Sound - Clown + Dancer + Shaman
Power Seal - Paladin + Dark Knight + Whitesmith
Poison Tamer - Assassin + Kafra + High Priest
Aura Blitz -
Illuminate - Paladin + Shaman + Kafra
Noble Fire - High Priest + Kafra + Lord Knight
Destiny Bond - High Wizard + Lord Knight + Champion
Gaia Obtain - Sniper + Whitesmith + Clown/Dancer
Eclipse -
Missing: idk lol

trying to complete them for the faq.. but this is on lower priority.. it's quite longer to bust this out
"You could easily teach yourself if you observe the world closely." - Elise
#3metlspaz4Posted 11/24/2012 10:05:27 PM
noble fire didnt seem to work on mine
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#4defunct32Posted 11/25/2012 11:01:08 AM
Thanks for sharing! Now going through the Mirage Tower should be loads of fun, lol.
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metlspaz4 posted...
noble fire didnt seem to work on mine

it didn't? lol most of those came from the japanese wiki, anyway...i couldn't blame them for their efforts - i was also wrong with previous guesses on the hidden skills. There have been "(?)" pointers there for some combinations, tho, and maybe noble fire was one of them. I didn't check back anymore. But still, at least there are only a few that we don't know. These stuff are more difficult (or actually, probably just longer) to bust than the rest (overdrive, hidden skills, etc)... glad more than half are at least given out.
"You could easily teach yourself if you observe the world closely." - Elise
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#6GM_EzaarPosted 11/29/2012 7:54:57 AM
Noble Fire should be Jonda, not Kafra.