best build for champions?

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4 years ago#1
pleas help
4 years ago#2
pre Heaven's Roar: STR/AGI

post Heaven's Roar: INT/AGI, forego STR

Distribute skill points to Triple Attack, Chain Combo and Combo Finish to cover multiple elements. Start saving skill points at job level 27 so you can max out Heaven's Roar when you learn it at job level 36.
4 years ago#3
what should i use my points on
beginning of the game
more ditails pls im new at this game
4 years ago#4
like what stats should i add
do i add agi or str first?
4 years ago#5
add some str first, then switch that to agi if you want. It's really a matter of preference. Nothing's right, nothings wrong. 'cause in the end... you end up with the same stats. Like i've mentioned in some other post(s), weapons and cards will be able to cover your damage if ever you go full agi or full int. So just make sure you keep those updated..

but if you want some kind of tip to get your stat distribution managed, you can check this topic out: (around post 7 or 8)
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