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4 years ago#1
I'm going to be going to pick up this game today. My questions for here are:

1: How many classes are there?

2: What are the classes?

and 3: Which ones are the 4 hidden ones that are supposed to be obtained after clearing your first play-through?

Sorry if these questions seem redundant, but it'd be greatly appreciated nonetheless.
4 years ago#2
1. 10 Classes in the beginning

2. If you played the RO you should know few but it's fine...
All Transcendent Class(Except for the 4 Unlockable) Lord Knight,Paladin,Assassin,Sniper,High Priest,Champion,High Wizard,Whitesmith,Clown, and Gypsy.

3. All of it.(Dark Knight,Shaman,Jonda,Kafra)
What's harder? Playing in the hardest mode in the game or having a materialistic girlfriend?
4 years ago#3
Thank you for straightening that out for me. I'd read other articles and such but they didn't seem complete and they left me confused as to which ones were the hidden ones.

I may have just been misreading them too. lol

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