First Act completed. Impressions.

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5 years ago#1
This game seems pretty cool so far. Graphics are pretty decent and the water effects are impressive. I'm getting 50-60 frames per second with everything maxed on my 6870 and 15-2500k.

First act took me right around an hour. I just picked up a weapon which is some kind of sonic pistol, I believe. When the water finally hits, it's real impressive. The girl is wading in water up to her waist and shoulders and it just feels and looks cool. There were some awkward moments though where the water was at head level and the game wasn't sure if she should walk or swim, obstacles got in the way, and the camera would get a little nutty as it hovered above water when she was under and vice versa.

Story seems cool so far. Ship is being attacked by a terrorist group and it gets real hostile.

No quick save, it's a checkpoint system.

Haven't encountered any enemies yet in combat either. I'm looking forward to using the cover system and seeing how that works.

There were also some neat little climbing and platforming sections, such as climbing up and across pipes to get to doorways or bypass broken walkways.

Overall, I like this game so far. Looks like at this point that it's only going to get better.
5 years ago#2
Act 2 completed. Another hour for this one.

Introduced to enemies, which seem to have some fairly primitive AI. Combat is quite basic, with a basic but functional cover system. The under water combat is pretty nice. There's different ammo types but I've stuck with sonic so far, not yet trying out what the other types do. Apparently gel is for stealth but it didn't work for me 'cause I didn't know how to select the ammo properly via the ammo wheel.

Still maintaining 50-60 fps at this point on high. Haven't encountered any slowdown.

Scoot acts as your guide, telling you where to go, what to do and so on. Mavi is an engineers computer tool which acts as a means to hack things - doors, cameras, decipher codes - as well as sending you in the right direction via markers and waypoints.

Swimming still seems a bit awkward as of now; not quite used to it. I find that Kate moves a bit slow in general, be it walking/running, climbing and so on.

Still enjoying it. It's fun so far. End of Act 2 leads into a cool part, won't spoil.
5 years ago#3
Act 3 not quite done. Ran into a boss and couldn't finish 'em tonight.

Shooting mechanics are a little weak. You only have a pistol but there is alternate ammo. Switching between ammo is pretty clumsy though and I found some of the types to be very weak and/or inaccurate.

At this point in the game, I'm beginning to see how unpolished or... unrefined most of the mechanics are. Some of the controls - swimming comes to mind - are pretty clunky. And things like not being able to jump while charging the sonic ammo is somewhat annoying. Not to mention that often, ammo will just knock an enemy over and doesn't actually kill them until you give them another shot while on the ground. They glow red to signify they aren't yet dead. I also find that at times, enemies are hard to spot even though they are shooting you (and are quite accurate too). They move behind cover pretty quickly and I die a lot as I'm trying to locate them.

So anyways, Act 3 introduces "powers". I've found these to be pretty clunky and imprecise as well. You can throw objects but it hasn't been working out too well for me and I'm not entirely sure of the procedure on how to do it properly/accurately.

Overall feeling today: Game is charming but it lacks the polish to make it a great game. Water physics are starting to look not so hot as you encounter the ability to control it. All the while, I must keep in mind that this is a low profile budget title so you get what you pay for. It certainly has some fun to be had. And finally, the inaccuracy and weakness of the pistol/ammo and the overall low tier shooting mechanics somewhat hinder the experience. It's not a solid shooter.
5 years ago#4
Would also like to add that my fps dropped to 30 a couple times as during heavy water physics moments. It didn't last long and wasn't that noticeable. I've just been watching for it as I've read it's a problem for a lot of people.
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