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Interested in this game (Archived)Bsw198219/4 10:14AM
Say thanks to Spielberg!!! (Archived)alien3312/16/2013
Help!!! Tried everything I can thinlk of. Gate sequence ith father (Archived)blazer2211/26/2013
Possible fight? (Archived)dirtriderdan312/9/2012
HELP!!!!!!!!!! I've been ATTACKED by raptors!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)cautioustoaster28/20/2012
It is impossible to get Gold on Episode 1 - The Visitors Center (Archived)tooniverse17/18/2012
The Visitors Center (Archived)Devious_tk17/1/2012
Cinematics/post-scenario freezing issue (Archived)KDN8916/6/2012
I just have to kaugh (Archived)whiteranger2315/12/2012
Is there anyway for me to purchase this? (Archived)Gkweic34/21/2012
Shooooooot heeeerrrrr! (Archived)
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Had a GS employee try to talk me out of buying this. :\ (Archived)
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So stressful **possible spoilers** (Archived)Hiroshi_Mishima33/8/2012
I feel bad for yoder (spoilers) (Archived)Neo-ganon43/5/2012
What a load of absolute bulls***. I mad. (Archived)Astaroth21111/31/2012
How would you feel if Jess is one of the protagonist for Jurassic Park 4 movie? (Archived)levyjl198851/31/2012
how much do you think it will cost to get this paint job? (Archived)nehukog31/31/2012
T-Rex preorder (Archived)WickedRogue11/29/2012
Achievements Help (Archived)model321/14/2012
Just wondering about the Life Finds a Way achievement. (Archived)Peter_Griffin3331/14/2012
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