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4 years ago#1
Why did they make the cars harder to turn? It seems that its harder to get the cars to go left or right than it was in older ones, like Carbon and Most Wanted. I hit traffic when I was pushing the analog stick ALL the way left/right and would never have hit it in older ones.

I miss the old controls, like using the right analog stick for gas/brakes. That was more comfortable than holding down tha X button forever. ;)
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4 years ago#2
You mean exotic supercars aren't supposed to handle like a VW bus?
4 years ago#3
In my opinion, the car physics are similar to Hot Pursuit. In this game, recovering cleanly from drifts is more difficult, though this is dependent on the car driven. For me, I'd rather brake before a turn then power through rather than initiating a drift because I might slam into the guardrail. Feathering the throttle seems to be more effective rather than pinning the gas all the time, even if it results in a crash.

I guess why people consider the car physics off is because there's no universal driving style applicable to the myriad of cars in the game. FRs are driven differently than AWDs, etc.
4 years ago#4
I just assumed they where trying to make it realistic, lol, cuz you not gonna turn on a dime goin 300k
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3 years ago#5
Hot pursuits handling was much better, as was every other nfs game's...the m3 taking turns is about as nimble as a brick, as is the mx5, which should not be the case

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