this game is just a little unforgiving....

#1neovectorPosted 10/6/2012 4:31:27 PM
no matter where I'm driving or what I'm driving if I travel on the edge of the track...any track there will .almost always be an invisible piece of debris that will crash and flip my car...especially in the national park levels....and of course the lightspeed cars the computer uses that come out of nowhere and pass you at over 75mph over your top speed no matter what car you use....very frustrating,,seems there are some balance issues..also it seems they didnt do much research on the actual cars since when driving any of the Lamborginis they accelerate like snails going from 0-100 in over 10 seconds...I dont think so...also their suspension is all wrong as you see the car lean like it has a high suspension instead of cornering on rails like they are supposed to...seems like they dropped the ball a little on this one