Zenonia 3 the immortal god character - pvp/execution room

#1Shadow8190Posted 8/29/2011 5:45:30 PM
Here is a god character in zenonia 3 the free version.

IGN: Shadow8190
Hp: 161,710
Sp: 31,243
Level: 99
Attack: 45,867
Defense: 8068
Hit: 1365.72
Evade: 872.65
#2Shadow8190(Topic Creator)Posted 8/29/2011 5:48:11 PM
Also note that in execution room if the lvl 80+ hit him it will usually be a miss and if they do hit it's only gonna hit 100
#3ShaolinDynamitePosted 8/30/2011 12:04:35 AM
Wowww, and he also has the same name as the one you are posting under? Cool story bro.
#4Shadow8190(Topic Creator)Posted 8/30/2011 2:01:57 PM
Lol I only put this name because they weren't taking the other ones
#5Shadow8190(Topic Creator)Posted 8/30/2011 2:06:42 PM
Also don't forget the capital S
#6Shadow8190(Topic Creator)Posted 8/30/2011 8:43:32 PM
O yea note if u fight me in pvp and it days like 36 lose, that time I was weak right now no one can defeat me
#7thekramer16Posted 8/31/2011 12:58:08 AM
Well what if someone has 40k defense? How is your guy going to defeat them? Just curious. so can you hack items and stuff?

Do you have the second game cause I need help on that one.
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#8PoppyseedbagelsPosted 9/3/2011 2:32:18 AM
I cant register u for some reason cause it says i cant register over level 10 or some thing like that
#9shadow_sonic111Posted 9/3/2011 7:39:03 AM
You need to be in range of 10 levels to add OR you get the stone that costs Zen.
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#10Shadow8190(Topic Creator)Posted 9/3/2011 12:54:41 PM
Weird idk o and if someone has 40k defense then I have like 48k attack so yea and soz that I'm lvl 99 lol