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2 years passed, and still no walkthrough.. (Archived)h0ly_z0mbie26/7/2013
Stole this game from target (Archived)mathmatics0114/29/2012
Here is a workaround for bug in act 1 (Archived)funksoul14/27/2012
Is this the base game with the Undead Race added. Plus Campaign for them? (Archived)Arinvel12/26/2012
is this digital only? o_O (Archived)Sinful_Desire12/20/2012
What should be done with the Narrator? (Archived)CaptainScrubby912/28/2011
Expansion or Standalone ? (Archived)OneWingedDevilx310/28/2011
XP points? (Archived)siki187610/27/2011
I need help on act 1 embarrasingly.. (Archived)zyntherius_2710/27/2011
act 3 help needed, secondary quest with 3 brothers (Archived)boruta01310/26/2011
Now that it is officially out on steam... (Archived)
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Turn based games . . (Archived)ollism810/19/2011
Red Titanite Slab - I can't take it anymore ;p (Archived)OneWingedDevilx210/15/2011
Now that I've heard feedback and seen the game (Archived)CaptainScrubby410/14/2011
Act 2 my complaint so far (Archived)KrazytigerEX410/13/2011
Kaylipso's History does not inspire confidence (Archived)CaptainScrubby510/12/2011
Official website says release Jan 2012.. (Archived)Shifter1178410/12/2011
Any word on the quality? (Archived)CaptainScrubby19/19/2011
Enough of the images, how about some info??? (Archived)DP113017/26/2011
Disciples 3 Resurrection or Disciples 3 Gold? (Archived)SpikeJones76725/25/2011
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