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Is there a reason Ezio became a zombie baboon?klyrner68/24 10:21PM
Prince Selim database location **SPOILERS** (Archived)AquaTot17/15 9:30PM
is the multiplayer going to stay active enough to justify buying MP DLC? (Archived)p092236/23 8:30AM
Explorer/Chest Capture? (Archived)ljypaco14/24 3:23PM
Boosting partner for Multiplayer (Archived)crazy1moretime13/14 12:13PM
multiplayer? (Archived)Foxclaws42/17 6:46PM
Unique Recruit Help (Archived)WightKnigjht312/31 1:45AM
Is it necessary to do all Desmond's journeys? (Archived)orestesdd211/26 9:35AM
Anyone have the Extra Content pack? (Archived)Zeshui111/23 8:08PM
Lost Ishak Pasha's Armor Set when I bought another armor. (Archived)orestesdd311/17 4:51PM
Is it worth to get all DLCs? (Archived)orestesdd111/9 6:08PM
platinum help (Archived)smokey_ed211/3 4:40AM
So when activating my Revelations Uplay passport I get a Farcry 3 multiplayer... (Archived)RatoBlade110/7 6:36AM
HELP geting platinum online (Archived)TidusMA110/3 12:32AM
Confuse about Armor (Archived)tanin12339/13 2:31PM
Laura Boccanera (Archived)snakenamedjoe19/12 11:01PM
Assassin creed revelation MP trophy 22 august 2014 (Archived)dotallstar9218/22/2014
Books Question - Percentage? (Archived)shanafan56/24/2014
Master Assassin Question (Archived)aestevalis_025/1/2014
Removing Uplay's Solo Pack (Archived)_Shuyin_24/21/2014
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