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5 years ago#1
Does anyone know where they got the symbol from? I have a friend who thinks it looks similar to the free masons symbol, which I find quite strange because some people think there is a link between Knights Templar and the free masons.
5 years ago#2
It's a little like the Freemason symbol, which is a square and compass. I'm hoping the encyclopedia explains what it's supposed to be. I'm not entirely sure if the Freemasons go hand in hand with Templars- I know that's how they're often portrayed in movies, but I also know that theocrats have been at odds with them in the past. The Roman Catholic Church hasn't been a big fan of theirs, especially.
5 years ago#3
It's their hood.
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5 years ago#4
It sort of looks like fancy calipers, but yeah, maybe it's their hood. I guess the most obvious answer is the easiest to overlook (>_<)
5 years ago#5
Maybe it's just a design that doesn't mean anything. Like Abstergo's.
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5 years ago#6
Maybe... I'd think it should mean something. Groups don't usually have arbitrary nonsense symbols representing them, unless they're nonsense groups. Even then, I guess their symbol would represent nonsense, so it's accomplishing its mission...
5 years ago#7
How is it nonsense
It's a stylized A o.o
A stands for Assassins

it's simple
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5 years ago#8
I remember a couple years back, may have been on the AC2 boards, some guy thought the Assassin symbol looked like a certain part of the female anatomy.
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5 years ago#9
I think it looks like calipers, or a compass.
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5 years ago#10
AlabamaLove posted...
How is it nonsense
It's a stylized A o.o
A stands for Assassins

it's simple

Yeah I always thought it was this myself, the simplest answer is always the best imo.

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