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5 years ago#1
Ive been trying to get this trophy for a looooong time and I've tried every strategy - the arsenal ,south port, hagia sophia - but none of them seem to work. Ive seen the guy twice now but both times too far away to catch up. Help?
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5 years ago#2
There's really nothing you can do dude.

For some reason it's extremely luck based to have a messenger appear in this game. I've beaten it twice now and I think I've only seen him like 2-3 times.

Just keep trying is the best advice I can give.
"Play like a man." -MastherBeBad
5 years ago#3
..There are messengers in this game?!
5 years ago#4
Senta posted...
..There are messengers in this game?!

^^Case in point
"Play like a man." -MastherBeBad
5 years ago#5

From: CharpandaV1 | #004
^^Case in point

I honestly wish I was joking, too, but..I went through the game, I spent a good number of hours playing, doing everything, ect, and I honestly did not see a single messenger. Lmao.
5 years ago#6
lol the only thing i have left to do is get money to buy two books for the sage trophy, and it isn't really that fun to wander around the city, just wish they a had a specific spawn point or time, like at EVERY bank deposit.
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5 years ago#7
I got it near the south east bank. Use the southern east tunnel and head there and hide in the hay in this video (make sure it's the right hay stack)

waited 5-10 mins but heard some ppl wait longer because he triggers at different times of day. I can 100% confirm this worked for me though but stay hidden and have a sharp lookout.
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5 years ago#8
I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!
I was fooling around in the grand bazaar and decided change the dye on my clothes, and as soon as i got out of the dye chaining animation, the messenger was right there beside me. Chased him on to the rooftops and tackled him. Then i killed him (he deserved it). Now just Sage left. WHOOOOO!!!!!
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5 years ago#9
When I hear you guys saying it's a hard trophy to get, I feel bad, I got very lucky (it seems) and got one in the first hour or so.
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5 years ago#10
"Senta posted...
..There are messengers in this game?!

^^Case in point"


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