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Assassin wont return, and i dont mean the one on the little prince (Archived)Haseo211210/17/2013
is there anyone still alive? (Archived)gundamalex110/12/2013
So I sent my first den master assassin on a mission; he ain't coming back...! (Archived)Puniard39/10/2013
Anyone for multiplayer (and MP DLC) achievements? (Archived)HoshunMk11269/9/2013
Map Icons (Archived)Seromontis49/6/2013
Is there a way to pick just one game type in multiplayer? (Archived)OrangePoet29/5/2013
Beat Armor and Favorite Multiplayer Character (Archived)dbzxgamer39/4/2013
Do the side missions ever end? (Archived)OrangePoet58/21/2013
Need help with the compass... (Archived)Miken Ayers38/15/2013
How can I get more armor? (Archived)great_gaming27/28/2013
Does the games on demand version have online pass included (Archived)jpraelster17/26/2013
Pyromaniac Achievement *SPOILER* (Archived)FredCat0777/17/2013
Help with a few achievements? (Archived)SpirasGuardian57/3/2013
How do I get above 50% Assassin Control in Cities? (Spoilers) (Archived)Jiryn36/30/2013
Online Pass Giveaway (Archived)Christian21j36/29/2013
you know, when you hold B by someone, you actually put your arm on them (Archived)Xbox-36O16/6/2013
i'm sick of how so often each game is dominated by ONE high-level @**hole (Archived)Xbox-36O25/28/2013
How do you fire the cannon when defending? (Archived)taxman2515/23/2013
Lost Archive DLC rewards? (Archived)SpirasGuardian35/14/2013
dont like holding A with LT to run, whispers too low, B instead of X to stun etc (Archived)Xbox-36O45/7/2013
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