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Templars and Assassins are now fighting in Walmart (Archived)
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Does anyone else think that... (Archived)
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Assassin's Creed: Apocalypse (Archived)Phantom_PS398/4/2011
85% of Assassin's Creed's plot 'already mapped out,' writer reveals (Archived)Hassassiyin108/3/2011
i was bored so topic time where will you buy this game (Archived)
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Exactly how old is Ezio in this game? (Archived)ledbowman28/3/2011
So far there is only one thing I must know about this game or I'ma flip a s*** (Archived)
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I want more desmond!!! (Archived)Tony15339108/3/2011
Do you think Altair recovered a PoE from (Archived)LegendaryOozaru38/2/2011
If Ezio and Altair are not related then.... (Archived)
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Also why does the U.S and i think Canada get screwed? (Archived)
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new screenshots (Archived)ismejks28/2/2011
Just finished reading The Secret Crusade (Archived)
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"We can inch closer and closer to a revelation. But we'll never reach it." (Archived)WolfMan951418/2/2011
Prince of persia vs altair showdown (Archived)raj10294538/2/2011
so is ezio and altair just (Archived)HUfan4L28/1/2011
Did this remind anyone else of Assassins Creed? (Archived)coop36108/1/2011
Bloodlines place in the timeline (Archived)kosmos10048/1/2011
is the animus edition worth it? (Archived)MasterOfOwls108/1/2011
Can we try and draw a line under this related question... (Archived)cls1983108/1/2011
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